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Changes for 2018 thread

Hello Guys, 
I would like to ask for your points what would you change for F1 2018. 
My points are: -ability to replay multiplayer races (like assetto corsa ) 
                        - ability to change break balance by one percentage in the quick menu and not by just 2 and half percent in the normal menu
                        - setups effect tyre wear more
                        - more stable multiplayer
                        - heat down lap after the races
                        - more agressive AI, mainly in defending (once they could really break later and go up on the inside and denfend that, and then we could undercut at the exit, or just simply try around the outside and fail) 
                        - better helmet and driver face customization
                        - co-op career with car upgrades, but common resource points with your friend. 
What you think? 
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