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Chase camera, wow


i was playing from release date only with bonnet camera. for some reason i couldnt play with chase camera. it was too hard to control the car.

so today i decided to try again with chase camera, i was testing different settings on control sensitive and after some races i found that it is much more fun to play. you can see better the corners.

from bonnet or other inside car cameras , you cant see the road very well, it is harder to see clearly the next turn and the speed seems much more faster. actually i get tired with that camera.  

i am playing with this xbox one controller.

what is your camera and controller you are playing?


  • Cezarica97Cezarica97 Member New Car Smell
    Playing with a steering wheel and i started to play too with the chase camera.I feel that the car is going slower and i can see the turns better.And,i like to see how my car goes dirty !
  • giucanevergiucanever Member New Car Smell
    Yeah, agreed with you. Chase camera is so much fun !! I don't get why so many people hate it. I think it's a kind of prejudice =].

  • slotysloty Member New Car Smell
    I use the dash cam as i have a siminstruments display cause the head cam is too far back for my liking
  • Shockwave117Shockwave117 Member New Car Smell
    I use headcam as I find it easier to control the car when power sliding and also easier to point it in a straight line, particularly when using car setups that severely reduce straight-line stability.

    I did try dash cam for a while but I found I couldn't judge where the back of the car was properly even if it did give me a better FOV of the front. 
  • mikelt89mikelt89 Member New Car Smell
    I'm playing with the dash cam, 3rd view cams are not for simulator games, or anything close to it, it just don't fit, it does not give you the right feel of the car and if you do succeed on driving that way with better times it's sort of cheating, I always like to represent the real thing, and so far the dash cam is the closest to my liking, I also tried the bonnet view and it's similar to the dash cam but you kinda feel a bit outside of the car, the environment is louder that way as well so I preferred the dash cam eventually. to me the 3rd view is basically for replays alone. 
  • mesamesa Member Co-Driver
    Chase camera for RC fans only.

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  • Anths95Anths95 Member Unleaded
    It's funny - I vary what cam I use based on the game. In an arcade game like DiRT 3 or GRID, I use the chase cam because it's more helpful to know where the edges of the car are than it is to have a fully accurate sense of speed. In GT5 I use the front bumper cam, and in DiRT Rally I use the interior cam (no wheel) - I find it better to be closer to reality because it allows me to feel the speed more acutely and so I crash (slightly) less. 

    For what it's worth, I have never thought that playing with a chase cam was "cheating" as IRL you have so much more information via feel and glancing at mirrors (and no, turning the headcam isn't the same) that playing outside the car just sort of gets you back on par with reality. So for the people calling it cheating, I totally disagree - use whatever the heck you want :smile: 
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  • Shockwave117Shockwave117 Member New Car Smell
    I agree 100% that using the chase cam is not cheating, it has it's own set of pros and cons and if the devs really truly believed that it was in fact cheating they would remove it from online/league events.

    In other racing games I play I use a mixture of both in-car and chase cams (in the case of  RD :Grid it varied from car to car).
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