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BMW E30 Speedometer

I've been driving with the Mini until I got the money for the BMW and I was quite used to shifting at certain speeds, call it a habit. Then when I got the car I really whanted to drive I was left quite stuned that it did not have a speedmoeter... I know most people(hardcore) don't use them, but for me it's part of my playstyle.

Soo can that be amended in the future please as that is the car I want to enjoy the most :)


  • SamRWDSamRWD Member Race Engineer
    Shifting with a speedometer? That's a new one :) I think DiRT's model is based on A group model, so it has similar interior to DTM. No speedometer there. I'd suggest to learn shifting using engine revs as reference, or just use engine sound. You won't be dependent on gear ratio changes this way.
  • ProfoundPupilProfoundPupil Member New Car Smell
    Well I do use revs as well, when I have the car in a weel spin it's kind of hard to determine if it's the right time to shift xD Also when I am downshifting I might hit the limmiter, but still think im in a weel spin and the other way around...
    Obvouisly pro's dont even look at the dashboard but for me I guess it's just emersion.
  • enamelenamel Member Race Steward
    The BMW has two shift lights, partially hidden by the wheel. Yellow = get ready to shift, red = shift.

    Speedo is not a good way to determine when to shift because the speed at which you shift will change with gear ratio changes. The tachometer and shift lights are constant between setups.
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