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DiRT Rally Force Feedback Update | Codemasters Blog

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imageDiRT Rally Force Feedback Update | Codemasters Blog

Great news everyone! DiRT Rally’s FFB update is almost ready to go live but before we do that we wanted to drop the full details on what it is we’ve changed so that it has a little time to sink in.

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  • monsterZEROmonsterZERO Member New Car Smell
    edited June 2015
    Well done guys! Just watched the Betta Lines video and I am SUPER excited to try the new FFB build. Really impressed with the amount of dedication you are putting into this title. The wonky FFB was the only thing holding me back from truly enjoying it, and I'm really eager to dive back in. I'm sure it's a separate team working on F1 2015, but is there any chance of this improved FFB system showing up in it?
  • maciejptmaciejpt Member New Car Smell
    quite interesting tease but this should be done long time ago , whatever, when is the question
  • andpalandpal Member New Car Smell
    You guys for sure are brilliant !! Can only baow and say hatt's off for you guys and your massive jurney that making it hard for the to stop smiling ! You for sure delivers a brilliant Rally Simulator.. not a game but a ...rally S I M U L A T O R ! THANKS ! Best regards , Andreas from Sweden
  • P4P5P4P5 Member New Car Smell
    edited June 2015
    Is there any way to add some weight to the wheel? It is way too light for me. Around center to about 100° left and right i feel nothing.
    I use G27
  • pokeropokero Member New Car Smell
    The land does not feel good on the wheel, not the FFB vibration, and management does not feel well, in Assetto Corsa field feels perfect. Dirt rally is very good simulator but the "FFB MUST IMPROVE."
  • pokeropokero Member New Car Smell
    I feel the bumps in the road. My steering wheel is a Thrustmaster T500RS.
  • pokeropokero Member New Car Smell
    I do not feel the bumps in the road
  • homerlvsbeerhomerlvsbeer Member New Car Smell
    No feeling at all. 0n roads. zero, zilch, infinite feelings of nothing. come on. your doing well codemaster. but wheres the bumps. are you listening to us. pls do. theres a great effect on the thrustmaster test application called bumpy road. we need that in the game. a rally game needs bumps. we really want it. and I remember asking along time ago and others also so if you say we should talk toyou pls listen to us. thankyou kind regards. ps. also need lights in some day time events. option to turn lights on and off. am sure that cant be a big deal.
  • homerlvsbeerhomerlvsbeer Member New Car Smell
    pokero said:
    I do not feel the bumps in the road
    I know how you feel. Lol. get it, :)
  • lgvkarloslgvkarlgvkarloslgvkar Member New Car Smell
    Have done everything as above and have zero ffb or vibration on my thrustmaster tx. Would be a great game apart from this. I have been able play on force feedback games for years this is a step backwards, having spent in excess of £500 on my wheels and pedals I will just play games that utilise them. Very disappointed.
  • ZeroDraft25ZeroDraft25 Member New Car Smell
    Since 1.02 I no longer have the "Calibrate Device" under "Advanced Settings" for my Thrustmaster RS500. I can only select "Thrusmaster" under the "Choose Preset" option. But the "Calibrate Device" at the bottom of the "Advanced Settings" screen is simply missing. The Wheel is **** now ? Anyone else with the same issue ?
  • thegt500thegt500 Member Unleaded
    Totally unimpressed Codies, you've completely broken the game now ! No calibration screen, no H pattern shift + clutch for manual cars, 45% dead zone in wheel (T300 on PS4).
    Whoever signed off on this patch needs sacking !
  • didiertichettedidiertichette Member New Car Smell
    Same for me: since the update 1.02, my wheel Thrustmaster T300RS is unusable. Impossible to calibrate the wheel and the few settings that are still visible on the screen are greyed out.
    It is very frustrating... I purchased a wheel especially for this game and now I cannot use it.
    It is a shame to release such a bad patch. PLEASE CORRECT THIS ASAP !!!
  • jinox1988jinox1988 Member New Car Smell

    it was the worst release that i ever seen. Now i can't play with my wheel Thrstmaster T300RS.

    Please make some rollback or new update!! It is a shame!. This game was consider the best rally game, but for these reasons, you give it up

    best regards!!
  • ZalexQcZalexQc Member Unleaded
    Can someone at Code Master tell us why PS4 say it's update 1.02, while it's supposed to be 1.11 ?!?
    Would be nice to get same release version numbers for all platform, it just add to confusion, it's actually so messy on PS4+T300 that i really feel like sony applied an old update that remove most of the nice setting features ! :(

    I wish fix for PS4/Thrustmaster wont take too long to get out, impossible to finish monthly event as it is now.
    And when guys cant play, they tend to go on another Sim and stick there.
    It was fun to play this game, let's keep enjoyment alive ! ;)
  • MPMCMPMC Member New Car Smell
    Hi Guys, firstly I just want to say the first release was amazing, the game has functioned almost flawlessly from day one release on PS4 with my wheel, (T500RS), all the other games on PS4 would crash at some point even after 5 or 6 patches, this game did not, great work..... until now.

    I am having the same issue as the last few comments. very disappointing, hope it gets sorted soon,

    Thanks for a great game!
  • SimDriverGT66SimDriverGT66 Member New Car Smell
    I hope that it works as I preferably very tight steering set up and since the update it doesn't work at all. Thank you for sharing
  • ChristinaMcChristinaMc Member, Codemasters Community Manager
    edited June 2016
    Hi all, we're aware of the issue with those playing on a Thrustmaster wheel on PS4, and we're working to fix this ASAP. You can keep up with our updates in the prominent discussion threads in DiRT's General Discussion and Technical Assistance sections. 
  • ZalexQcZalexQc Member Unleaded
     gave another try to tweek setings for steering wheel, but i drop the towel... after one hour trying.
    all i. got able to get is the "total car crash acomplishment", aka the trophy of the careless drivers. :(

    no more tries untill it's fixed and confirmed in forums.
  • KimJonUnKimJonUn Member New Car Smell
    Fired up Dirt last night for the first time in ages. I'm ashamed to say, I'd forgotten how superb it is.
    I can't wait to get stuck back into it again. Thank you making it great guys.
    Good luck.
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