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One of the fastest growing F1 leagues around, Ultimate Playstation League F1 is a global, competitive and exciting F1 league.
Our main league runs at 8PM on Saturdays which we stream to our YouTube channel and then show clips of the race on our Twitter page. We offer actual real-life trophies for the championship winners and also Rookie of the Season. We also have an end of the year awards ceremony.
Our main F1 league is 50% races with Short Qualifying.
We also have a New F2 League due to the demand from drivers to race in our league. The sign up for F2 is currently OPEN. F2 will be 25% races with short qualifying.
For all races we have at least 2 commentators for the streams.
Contact the following PSN to join - Bothydweller . Wommeh395 
- UPL 
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