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Nationwide racing recruitment!

Hi everyone, nationwide racing are currently recruiting, we are based on xbox 360 and mainly focus on the grid series. We have almost hit the 30 member mark and would be great if we could push it further. Branching to other consoles (PS3/4, xbox one, PC) could be on the cards depending on response and popularity, Aswell as movement to other codemasters game (F1, Dirt etc...) We take pride in clean and extremely fast racing, wether you run a wheel, control pad, manual or automatic gears.... We are pretty well organised with a team website which will be at the bottom of this post. Unfortunately not fully complete but will be in very short time. We do run trials to join, so if your interested then send me a message or simply comment on this post and we will take the next step. Thank you and good luck!!! nationwideracing.weebly.com
NWR opening for new members! Interested in joining?  Message me :)


  • TFRSpeedfreakTFRSpeedfreak Member New Car Smell
    I play grid 2 on PC and I have heard about NWR being the fastest team there is. I would like to trial for your team. Tell me what the trial is and I will post a video on YouTube or send it to you directly somehow :)
  • NWRChargerNWRCharger Member Wheel Nut
    Ah excellent, I will send you a message :)
    NWR opening for new members! Interested in joining?  Message me :)

  • Ollie24Ollie24 Member New Car Smell

  • Elpate06Elpate06 Member New Car Smell
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    PS3 ID : Ervin_91

    King of Okutama
  • ItsBLTZRItsBLTZR Member New Car Smell
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    hey man, wondering if i would be able to have a shot at joining, i am a clean racer and anytime i hit someone is by accident or because they took me out haha.
    im from aus and my gt is: Its BLTZR
    message me on xbox whenever :)
    i love GRID 1 to death and i am please with autosport
    i dislike GRID 2 tho aha
  • NWRChargerNWRCharger Member Wheel Nut
    Il send you a message on xbox mate, we will have some races :)
    NWR opening for new members! Interested in joining?  Message me :)

  • Shinny1337Shinny1337 Member New Car Smell
    I've seen a couple NWR tags in drift lobbies today how many guys do you have that actively drift?
  • NWRChargerNWRCharger Member Wheel Nut
    I think we just have guys nipping in drifting now and then on a rare occasion mate, haven't taken drifting seriously as of yet, we are mainly a touring car team but want to branch out to other disciplines. We have a street team forming to :)
    NWR opening for new members! Interested in joining?  Message me :)

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