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Legend Racing League: GRID Autosport LEAGUE! (BTCC, F3 & Endurance)

DanMac4569DanMac4569 Member, Drivers New Car Smell
edited June 2014 in GRID Games - Clubs

I am the owner of LRL and I am thinking about starting a League on GRiD Autosport! 
(Xbox 360) 

Races will be on a Friday night!

Times will most likely be:

BTCC: Friday 6pm GMT
F3: Friday 7.30pm GMT
Endurance: Friday 9pm GMT

If you would like to join please reply on this post with your Xbox Live Gamertag and what event you want to do! (You can race in all 3 leagues)

LRL also run leagues on F1 2013, Forza 5 and MotoGP14



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