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[IMPROVEMENT] About visuals for co-pilot guidelines

ledidledid Member New Car Smell
edited December 2017 in DiRT Rally - Suggestion Box
After a few hours of discovering DiRT Rally and enjoying it very much compared to my last rally game experience (Colin McRae Rally 3), I would like to submit a thought about the used visuals of the co-pilot guidelines (pictures with color codes for type of corner, jump etc.).  First I think those visuals are necessary to keep, on the one hand for beginners and for people not at ease to catch the instructions in the available languages for the co-pilot recorded voices, and on the other hand to give deaf players the opportunity to enjoy rally racing (of course they will never be able to hear the co-pilot's voice).  Myself I still have difficulties to 'catch' all the instructions of the co-pilot, so the visuals are for me an extremely useful feature. 
The current co-pilot visuals are very beautiful and well design, but they do not seem me very practical to read when you also have to focus on the road in front of you.  In that regard the visuals in DiRT Rally seem me less practical than the old 'color squares' in e.g. Colin McRae Rally 3.  So my improvement suggestion would be to add an alternative visuals system the player could select instead of the current one.  Those visuals do not need to be the same as in the old games, they should be designed in order to be seen and interpreted easily when they are appearing out of your 'central' field of view (in fact those visuals are in the peripheral field of view when you are focussed on the road, as the whole screen does not fit in your 'central' field of view when you are racing.  How further from the center of the screen, how bigger and more schematical they should be.  PS: the principle may seem simple, however a fine design would require some study to 'calibrate' the best position and shape of such an alternative visuals system on average players. 
I think personnally that a game of the quality of DiRT Rally deserves such a 'professional' visuals system for the instructions of the co-pilot. 
Thanks to the players community to vote on this proposal in order to validate implementation ! (for a next upgrade pack ?...)

[IMPROVEMENT] About visuals for co-pilot guidelines 2 votes

Yes, I'd like to have alternative more easy to read co-pilot visuals (new development)
ledid 1 vote
Please give me back the old style 'colored squares' co-pilot visuals (similar as in Colin McRae Rally 3)
The current co-pilot visuals are perfect, do not change a thing !
I am a true professional rally driver, I do not care about co-pilot visuals ...
BrianDonnelly 1 vote
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