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Looking for experianced comments on CodeMasters F1 series, iRacing Grand prix sim, and rFactor sims

FFOmanFFOman Member New Car Smell
     I wasn't even aware of iRacing until today, but after checking them out I'd really like to check their sim out.  Does anyone have experience with it and their various programs?  Same questions in comparison to rFactor and Codemasters?


  • BritpointBritpoint Member, Codemasters Codemasters Employee
    If you've played rFactor then you have some idea of what to expect from iRacing - it's a real sim and it's very difficult to be quick. All the races in iRacing are against other people, and driving standards are very high, so it demands quite a bit of practise and commitment.

    It can also get pretty expensive. There's a subscription to the service which comes with a few cars and tracks as standard, but you will need to buy more cars and tracks as you go up through the ranks. If you want competitive racing against other people, definitely look into it (search for Empty Box on Youtube to see a lot of good races in various cars), but if you're only interested in the driving aspect you may be better served looking at rFactor 2, Assetto Corsa or Game Stock Car Extreme.
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  • PlatyPlaty Member Team Principal
    iRacing is expensive for what you get. Depends how much you play and if that will be worth the money.

    Codemasters games aren't sims at all, so if you're looking for a sim experience then look elsewhere.
  • sjsharp2010sjsharp2010 Member Champion
    never played Iracing or rfactor myself there are plenty of people who have on here I think. With CM's games they're more of a semi sim nature rather than full and by that I mean they put in a lot of assists and different levels of AI to cater for all types of players whether they be newcomers to motor racing or experienced racers again like a lot of people on this forum I'm not experienced at full sims but I do enjoy a good semi sim because although I'm a big racing fan I'm not a particularly quick driver in comparison as I quite often play on the bottom levels because quite honestly I'm not fast enough.

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  • Skiddyboy13Skiddyboy13 Member Wheel Nut
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    The multiplayer on iRacing is like no other, I don't know of any other game where you can hop into the next race and always have 'proper' serious race. It's also probably the best oval experience you can even get these days (It's also VERY addictive, before iRacing I had never done an oval race, and now I seriously respect oval races, and they are very enjoyable to drive). Like the others say, the cost is a real issue, but if you want serious, constant full grids, then iRacing is the place to be. And don't forget, no offline gameplay. No AI.

    Onto rFactor. I still pour hours into this every week. The amount of mods is astounding. The variety of mods is astounding. The quality is amazing. Grab a force feedback wheel, and I doubt you will be able to put it down again. I know I can't. The AI is a bit hit and miss at times, depending on the mods, but the difficulty sliders typically can sort these issues out. The visuals are still pretty good, and the game will run on a potato. The price is also a big plus point, costing hardly anything, as it was released years ago.

    rFactor 2, for me, is a huge letdown. Currently, the optimization is pathetic. My PC is pretty decent, and yet it struggles to have consistently decent FPS, with everything on the lowest settings, with lag spikes rather frequent. The visuals don't even justify these issues. It follows iRacing in requiring a subscription, however this is only for online, offline requires a single purchase. The only thing that can save rF2 is modders, and they are currently sticking with rFactor.

    GSC and Asseto Corsa are very promising up-and-coming sims, which have loads of potential, and use the proper, single purchase, all features forever price option. Codie's games stick inbetween Arcade and Sims. They're fairly realistic, but are pick up and play and are accessible to everyone, regardless of skill. They some extra realism, options and features to be real sims, but they were never set out to be sims.

    pCars and DriveClub are too unknown currently. They are both visually amazing, but DriveClubs constant delays and the current videos available suggest this will be 'arcady', but nobody really has much of a clue yet. pCars is aimed to be a sim (Although it's being released on consoles, which is a somewhat poor sign - no console game is a simulator.) but currently has alot of issues in terms of AI and driving. They both have a while to go till being released, but I won't be surprised if they totally disappoint.
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  • couger1981couger1981 Member Race Engineer
    Iracing in a Online racer no single player aspects to it.
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  • LukedfrtLukedfrt Member Petrol Head
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  • FFOmanFFOman Member New Car Smell

         Very interesting comments.  Now let me say this:  I ran rFactor a couple years back, all hopped up over the fact that they were indeed what you call a "real" simulation of various racing modes.  True I found them to be more accurate physics wise, putting them into the same level as DCS is for flight sims compared to anything else on the market, BUT I also found that a lot of the drivers there had an attitude and were very selfish in their overall concerns.  And yes, they do have a great modder affiliation, BUT visually, even when running one of their standard cars and tracks leaves something to be desired!  Unless you set it up so that you couldn't see the wheels in any kind of open wheel racing car, it was hard not to notice and over-react to the fact that they turn in increments, jumping from one to the other and not at all smoothly like in CodeMaster's products!  And then there are the tracks themselves.  I doubt any are laser scanned at all and they offer no feedback to the driver unless you actually go off the road.  And the modded tracks all look as if they were built with texture files made in a gravel grinding plant!  Still though I am going to give the rFactor demo a good working over to see how they look now.

         IRacing's web site really impressed me.  And the few people I've been able to talk to about it generally have nothing but good to say about it.  Personally, and even though I'm always broke now that I'm officially divorced, retired, and living well beneath the standards I was able to keep up most of my life, I don't consider $15 every three months to get the membership access much of an expense.  That's like 3 packs of cigarettes!  Quoted prices on additional car and track models are similarly priced as well, but it does bother me that they haven't all the Grand Prix tracks and cars as of yet.

    What it really comes down to for me is the Online racing for all three of these games/sims.  iRacing appears to be probably the best handled, while RaceNet for Codemaster's F1 has been told to me by others not to provide much in this area and unlikely to get any better!  So just to check it out I logged on later yesterday afternoon, but after an hour and half waiting for a race, ANY race, I finally had to give up!  So I ask if any of the many leagues associated with CM's F1 2013 are setup and managed properly so as to run events, both training and/or competitive?  I am planning to start the career mode at the young driver's menu now that I've got my car setup reasonably well, but I would like to start racing against others as soon as possible too, if only for the experience, and even if only one car gets on a track with me.  Experience has always been the best way to learn something new as far as I'm concerned! 

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