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Dirt Rally with Oculus issues

I bought Dirt Rally on Steam, and when I launch it with my Oculus connected to the computer it will start to load (both on the monitor & in the oculus) but then after a couple seconds it'll just quit and go back to Steam on the monitor and the lounge in the Oculus. No errors or anything.

I've updated Windows & my graphics driver to the latest versions. I've tried using SteamVR which had basically the same results. I've tried launching the game from the Oculus app, but then nothing happens at all (no loading or anything).

I bought this game pretty much solely because I wanted to play it on the Oculus so pretty bummed out it doesn't work. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!


  • ImperfectLinkImperfectLink Member New Car Smell
    I too am having this problem. The difference is I bought the Oculus just to play this game in VR. I LOVE the Dirt series and it's a shame that it won't even launch on VR hardware as advertised.
  • JarredLeeJarredLee Member New Car Smell
    Hi Guys, 

    I am also having the exact same problem, did you by any chance get this working? I bought the oculus purely for this haha and it's not even working! Any help would be amazing!

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