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DIRT 4 Clubs Problem (PC)

I can't link my Racenet (steam) account to Dirt 4 website. I upgrade the account page but always same issue. Ask me again to link it...

Any tips?



  • enamelenamel Member Race Steward
    You can link accounts to your Racenet account here: https://accounts.codemasters.com

    There is an "Account Linking" option there once you sign in.

  • LukarsLukars Member New Car Smell
    I know. I just did it, many times. But website Dirt 4>online>clubs continue to ask me "Link account"...So i dont know what i must do. Maybe bugged?
  • YaKata931YaKata931 Member New Car Smell
    same here. ask to link the account. but i already link it and nothing happen. when open dirt 4 and try to sign in racenet. it say 'cannot sign in. please try again'

    how can i fix this? i can't connect to racenet since i bought this game (steam summer sale).
    *dirt rally and dirt 4
  • Johnlund53Johnlund53 Member New Car Smell
    Same issues here.. Connection failed ever since race net got involved
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