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Michelin Tyres in F1 2017 Codemasters!

ElReyGuiriElReyGuiri Member New Car Smell
I have created a mod where I have put the Michelin tyres to F1 2017 cars. Also, the cars are modified (new Alfa Romeo, McLaren Renault, Toro Rosso Honda) and I have put new skins to the cars. In a few days, I will upload to my youtube channel the first gameplay of the career mode with this mods.

Do you have any suggestion to improve the mod?

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  • ElReyGuiriElReyGuiri Member New Car Smell
    DD22KHz said:
    Your link doesnt work my boy
    • Body is 12 characters too short.
    Thanks mate! I have changed the URL.
  • larryllarryl Member Co-Driver
    still not working

    Body is 23 characters too short.
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  • ale85bgale85bg Member Unleaded
    edited December 2017
     Try this!

    This post contains a working link to the video the OP meant to show (it happened that he forgot to put the : character somehow in the link) and I'm writing this useless explanation only because the damn body would be too short otherwise. Enjoy!

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