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F1 2017 can't save to leaderboard (time trial)

DrivefearlessDrivefearless Member New Car Smell
Last night I managed to hit my PR in a time trial but there's a message displaying "can't save to leaderboard". Also, when viewing leaderboard status from friends it doesn't show as it asks for an internet connection. Internet upload and download speed + connection stability are validated in the PS general system settings.

Question 1: Is this a bug and how to resolve it? (did not encounter this before!)
Question 2:  When I close down the application is my lap time at least saved locally?



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  • DrivefearlessDrivefearless Member New Car Smell
    Thanks for the quick reply.

    I've configured as instructed - the funny thing is that it still shows as a NAT Type 3 connection but it now DOES update leaderboard status from friends.

    I wonder if it's a lucky shot or fixed permanently :-)

    Thanks for the help!

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