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(PS3, X360) Vortex Racing Leagues

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Welcome to Vortex Racing Leagues! One of the most respected racing leagues around and competitors in the Codies League Championship.


VRL in General:
Featured Games: F1 2013, Gran Turismo 6, Forza 5
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One
Members: 250+

Social Media
Visit our website and sign up for free: http://www.vortexracingleagues.co.uk/
YouTube: Find multiple videos of VRL races from our drivers on YouTube. Just search for 'Vortex Racing Leagues' and you can find loads of videos.

A brief history
Vortex Racing Leagues was founded on the 13th December 2012 and it was originally named the Codemasters Forums Racing Leagues (CMFRL). The reason we called it this was because the original idea was for the common off-topic members of the Codemasters Forums to meet up and have a race on the PS3. After this, I decided to take it further and make it into a league for the members. Then we expanded to Xbox 360 and PC leagues and after a season of successful F1 2012 championships we decided to change our name to Vortex Racing Leagues (allowed us to expand from Codemasters games and some members wrongly thought we were an official Codemasters league, which was obviously not correct, so this confusion was now avoided!). We have now had three successful seasons of F1 leagues and in three weeks we are starting season 4 of our F1 leagues.

We have completed 17 full championships at VRL in our short one year of existence including:
- PS3 Formula 1 (Season 1, Season 2, Season 3)
- PS3 GP2 (Season 1, Season 2, Season 3)
- PS3 Formula 1 1980s 
- PS3 GP1 (Just like PS3 F1 but at a weekend)
- F1 2012 King of the Rain
- X360 Formula 1 (Season 1, Season 2, Season 3)
- PC Formula 1 (Season 1)
- PC GP1 (Just like PC F1 but at a weekend)
- PS3 DiRT 3 Rally 
- Gran Turismo 5 Championship (Season 1, Season 2)
- iGP League (Season 1)

We are going to be starting the following championships in the next three weeks:
- PS3 Formula 1 (Tuesday's at 20:00)
- PS3 GP2 (Tuesday's at 19:30)
- X360 Formula 1 (Tuesday's at 19:30)
- PS3 Formula 1 1990s (Monday's at 19:00)
- Gran Turismo 6 GT3 WEC (Thursday's at 19:00)

Get yourselves signed up for free today by visiting the links at the top of this post! See you on track!
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  • RevolvingPrawnRevolvingPrawn Member Champion
    An awesome league, the only one for me! And I've met some great guys through it, had some brilliant banter, and most importantly, some very clean racing  ^:)^
  • Matthew77258Matthew77258 Member Race Steward
    If you do have any questions about the league, feel free to post them below, sign up on our forums and ask them there or send a PM to myself or PeteTheDuck.  :)
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  • onetwothreeonetwothree Member Team Principal
    I remember when it was in its formative days. It was just a casual race meet up (probably more a muck around) for some of the OT'ers. It was also called, the imaginatively named, CMFRL... I think.

    Then it moved out of mum and dad's place, and went through puberty.
    ^^^^This comment will get me banned

  • Tylerrnty1Tylerrnty1 Member Unleaded
    Awesome league :) Really enjoy racing here.
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  • D0NSILVAD0NSILVA Member New Car Smell
    Great league and a great community.
  • Matthew77258Matthew77258 Member Race Steward
    (We're not paying these people...we swear... :P)
    Twitter | Member since 2011 

  • Tylerrnty1Tylerrnty1 Member Unleaded
    help us please :(
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  • xSilverArrowxSilverArrow Member New Car Smell
    It really is a fantastic league. :D
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  • AndrewMatherAndrewMather Member New Car Smell
    A fantastic and supportive community. Currently the league I'm part of most and was also the first league I joined when I'd done no league racing whatsoever and was very new to that whole side of the game. Really good group of guys who I'd recommend to anyone, especially those looking to join a league for the first time.
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