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F1 2017 and Fanatec Pedals

Hi, I'm running F1 2017 on Steam on my Asus Laptop.  I use an older Logitech Momo steering wheel and just received  the Fanatec Club Sport V2 Pedals.
When I try to calibrate the pedals, I have no problem with the brake or clutch. It is the Throttle pedal that gives me the setup problem. 
In the games setting for the pedals, I have to set the DEAD PEDAL setting at 51 in order to stop the car from accelerating on it's own. That gives me less than half my throttle pedal movement left, which isn't realistic at all. How can I adjust my Dead pedal setting closer to 0 without setting my accelerator at 1/2 power? 
In my Fanatec Property page my pedals work just fine. Please help, I don't want to throw the old 2 pedal Logitech base back on just for F1 2017.

Thank you for your help.

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