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  • flowaangelzflowaangelz Member Wheel Nut

    Well.... Hi,

    I have been just using files that Joe mentioned and i'm doing just fine.

  • AssiemodisAssiemodis Member Unleaded
    So it is better to use grid2 file then the original autosport file?
    Or as ace explain edit the file yourself.
    Make it idiot proof and someone will make a better idiot.
    WARNING: I cannot be held responsible for the above, as apparently my cats have learned how to type.
  • xAce28xxAce28x Member New Car Smell
    edited July 2014
    Ok, I have an update,

    At the bottom of the file, there is this section:

    <!-- Wheel Lock Effects -->
    <FFBSample name="wheelLock" wave="2738" envelope="987" channel="1" solo="0" wheelScale="0.85"/>

    This is very similar to the line that was there for standard tarmac vibrations:

    <!-- Hard Surfaces-->
    <FFBSample name="tarmac" wave="2738" envelope="987" wheelScale="0.85" skid="1.25"/>

    The only difference being the lack of a channel parameter and an extra skid setting. 

    After some experimentation, it would seem that this wave of 2738 and envelope of 987 is trying to simulate the feeling of tarmac under the tyres. When the wheels lock up, this comes into play more forcefully as the tyres drag along the tarmac. This is what you feel as you lock the wheels. This makes sense with a wheelscale of 0.85. For the standard tarmac vibrations however, I think the intention may have been to use this, but at a much lower level, hence the unused line with wheelscale of 0.001:

    <!--FFBSample name="tarmac" wave="0" envelope="0" wheelScale="0.001" skid="1.0"/-->

    The file also has the skid set to 1.25 which I presume comes into effect when the car starts to slide, which I think is about right. 

    In the GRID 2 file, the whole line is effectively blank as there is no wave and no envelope:
    Unless there are a wave and envelope designated "0" of course. Anyway, setting the wheelscale to 0.001 effectively means the wave will not be produced since this will be 1/1000th the strength of the original wave.  

    <!-- Hard Surfaces-->
    <FFBSample name="tarmac" wave="0" envelope="0" wheelScale="0.001" skid="1.0"/>

    After testing this further, I do feel that this is lacking somewhat and I can see now why the line was not like this in the new file for Autosport. Codemasters were trying to give a more realistic feel for tarmac rather than silky smooth. Setting the wheelscale to 0.85 was far too high tho, giving this gravelly feel. 

    There are quite a few differences between the GRID 2 and Autosport effects file with many things missing such as specific wheel lock up effects. I would therefore not recommend using the GRID 2 file, it is definitely a downgrade from the Autosport effects. 

    After some experimenation, I have found that the following line works well to give a feeling of tarmac without the gravelly texture ( Tested on my Fanatec CSR Elite ) Results could be different on other wheels.

    <!-- Hard Surfaces-->
    <FFBSample name="tarmac" wave="2738" envelope="987" wheelScale="0.1" skid="1.25"/>

    I would recommend replacing the original line in your Autosport effects file with this one and try it out. To increase or reduce the texture of the tarmac coming through the wheel, alter the wheelscale parameter higher or lower to your preference. 

    Hope this works for others like it worked for me!


  • xAce28xxAce28x Member New Car Smell
    Another update,

    After tweaking in game vibration settings, for me, 100% vibration and wheel strength with 50% wheel weight is ideal when combined with wheelscale of 0.2 and skid of 0.8 on the above tarmac line. I have my fanatec overall force feedback at 50%. I have also tried reducing the vibration strength of the rumble strips individually and I think it is a good balance at 1.2.

  • flowaangelzflowaangelz Member Wheel Nut
    So it is better to use grid2 file then the original autosport file?
    Or as ace explain edit the file yourself.
    I only tried Joe's way.
  • langoorjilangoorji Member New Car Smell
    edited July 2014
    The Grid Autosport version is surely having better data.

    I am using G27 and edited the effects.xml from autosport to settle on tarmac wheelscale 0.55 and raised rumble strip weight a bit. Smooths the steering while turning.

    Profiler :
    overall strength  64, spring 0, Damper 0, No centering spring, Allow games to adjust is on.

    In Game :
    Vibration 30 normally, 60 for open wheel
    Wheel effect 60 normally, 70 for open wheel
    Wheel Weight 70-80

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  • xAce28xxAce28x Member New Car Smell
    I've finally settled on 0.28 and 1.0 for the settings and I'm now finally happy with it. 

    I think there is probably not that much difference between the GRID 2 file and the Autosport one, I just feel better using the more modern one, it has to be a tiny bit better at least! :) Better to have some proper wheel lock effects and some road feeling than nothing. That way, all codemaster's hard work has not gone to waste either :)
  • Ak1504Ak1504 Member Unleaded
    edited July 2014
    CSR PC Settings Grid AS

    Latest driver and firmware

    In-game settings

    Steering Deadzone 0%
    Steering Saturation 100%
    Steering Linearity 0
    Throttle Deadzone 5%
    Throttle Saturation 100%
    Brake Deadzone 5%
    Brake Saturation 100%


    Vibration Strength 20%
    Wheel Strength 40%
    Wheel weight 10%

    On the wheel settings

    Sensitivity (SEn): 320
    Force feedback strength (FF): 80
    Drift mode (dri): 0
    Linearity (Lin): 0
    Deadzone (dEA): 000

    Changes for drift:

    Drift mode (dri): 3
    Force feedback strength (FF): 40
    i7 4770k | EVGA GTX 1080 FTW | Gigabyte Z87X-OC | 16 GB G.Skill Ares 2400 | Fanatec CSR + CSR Elite Pedals
  • NhraRacerNhraRacer Member Unleaded
    edited July 2014

    Just not getting it with my Fanatec csw\csp v2's for drifting! Anyone have a setup for drifting with my wheel setup? Thanks  

  • fanticUAfanticUA Member New Car Smell
    NhraRacer said:

    Just not getting it with my Fanatec csw\csp v2's for drifting! Anyone have a setup for drifting with my wheel setup? Thanks  

    With drift need work Codemaster (need fix), drift physics horrible. Tried all possible settings, car all the time going back to front.

    In GRID (first) drift was amazing, here horrible.

  • Snakeye5Snakeye5 Member New Car Smell

    Driving Force GT


    360 deg

    Overall FX 101%

    Spring Effect 100%

    Dampen 0%

    Center Spring 5%

    Use special game settings

    un-check allow game to change wheel settings.

    In Game

    Vibration strength 20%

    Wheel Strength 40%

    Wheel Weight 60%

  • gigiotto59gigiotto59 Member New Car Smell

    PS3,  G27 default, linearity 0, multiturn off.  FBB 70-80-100.

  • langoorjilangoorji Member New Car Smell

    I find drifting very enjoyable in GAS. Initially thought it is impossible but after a while I am used to to it. Moreover I only play in cockpit view with G27. I did not play grid1 with a wheel so don't know if its better but this one isn't horrible for sure.

  • SRS13Rastus1701SRS13Rastus1701 Member Pit Crew
    edited August 2014

    Drifting in GAS is all about throttle management, Had a DFGT and got a G27 recently and used both for drifting with no problems, feels quite like grid 1 drifting with the assists off imho.

    Put up a semi decent drift vid a few weeks ago and need to organize a few more.

    It seems I'm diagonally parked in a parallel universe....:D
  • fanticUAfanticUA Member New Car Smell
    edited August 2014

    Good drift...

    I not understand, what not that with Fanatec, not possible to drift

  • aerodanceaerodance Member New Car Smell
    edited January 2015

    Here is mine - Logitech G25 wheel settings for GRID Autosport  (with Logitech profiler shot):


    <FFBSample name="tarmac" wave="2738" envelope="987" wheelScale="0.32" skid="0.85" />



    //Updated 19.01.2015

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  • DjFILDjFIL Member New Car Smell
    Fanatec GT3 RS V2 w/ CSR Elite pedals here.
    On wheel : Sen 300 / FF 100 / Sho 000 / Dri Off / Abs Off / Lin 000 / Dea 000 / Spr 0 / Dpr -3
    In-Game all is set to 0 Deadzone and 100 Sensitivity, Wheel Linarity at 0, All 3 FFB options at 50% (really down to personal preference on the FFB)
    This is same settings I've been using for all the Codies games; F1 2013 and DiRT2 being the others I regularly play.  Think I found these (wheel) settings in an "official" settings thread (by Codies) the old F1 2013 forums (before the forum refresh occurred).

  • 28Ace8228Ace82 Member New Car Smell
    I've uploaded my effectseup.xml file on racedepartment here:


  • mcnabmcnab Member New Car Smell
    Hello all, i have just bought a g27 and can not get my settings to save, my global profiler settings and global device settings stay the same but in game they dont, i know about starting game with control pad otherwise it does not save/work but i cant start the game with steering wheel only the butons on the gear stick and i then have to remap all my buttons again
    any ideas!

    Don't select the option in the wheel settings for G27, map them individually as a custom wheel.
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