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  • fomozfomoz Member New Car Smell
    edited January 2015
    Here are my settings for the T300RS.

    T300RS Control Panel: 

    GRID Autosport:

    Steering Deadzone 0%
    Steering Saturation 100%
    Steering Linearity 0
    Throttle Deadzone 0%
    Throttle Saturation 100%
    Brake Deadzone 0%
    Brake Saturation 100%

    FFB: On
    Vibration Strength: 50%
    Wheel Strength: 100%
    Wheel Weight: 50%


    <!-- Thrustmaster T300 RS -->
      <FFBDevice name="{B66E044F-0000-0000-0000-504944564944}" scaleForce="0.9" scaleFriction="0.25" baseFriction="0.0" maxFriction="25.0" scaleEffects="1.0" delay="0.0"/>
  • aerodanceaerodance Member New Car Smell
    edited February 2015
    xAce28x said:

    After some experimentation, it would seem that this wave of 2738 and envelope of 987 is trying to simulate the feeling of tarmac under the tyres. When the wheels lock up, this comes into play more forcefully as the tyres drag along the tarmac. This is what you feel as you lock the wheels. This makes sense with a wheelscale of 0.85. For the standard tarmac vibrations however, I think the intention may have been to use this, but at a much lower level, hence the unused line with wheelscale of 0.001:


    <!-- Hard Surfaces-->
    <FFBSample name="tarmac" wave="2738" envelope="987" wheelScale="0.1" skid="1.25"/>

    I would recommend replacing the original line in your Autosport effects file with this one and try it out. To increase or reduce the texture of the tarmac coming through the wheel, alter the wheelscale parameter higher or lower to your preference. 

    Hope this works for others like it worked for me!


    Founded some additions to effectsetup.xml at steam GA forums, thanks to toix:

    Enable Force Feedback on gear change

    Change line ~282 of effectsetup.xml:
     <FFBSample name="gearChange" wave="1111199999" envelope="9876543210" channel="0" wheelScale = "0.3"/> 

    Wave reference and envelope reference are taken from GRID 1 gear change. © toix's guide

  • feder0vfeder0v Member New Car Smell
    I have the Microsoft Force Feedback wheel and roll with it default. Works great. Been thinking of bumping effects and weight up to 100 though. 
  • alex21turboalex21turbo Member New Car Smell
    Hello. I ve grid autosport on PS3 and now on xbox360. I play with fanatec csr forza4 wheel. And There is a différence between PS3 race feeling and xbox360 race feeling. On PS3 i feel all the deformation if the track, not on xbox360, Where i only feel vibrations when i am out of the track. Do you know why ?
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