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Tips for playing while drunk?

Monaco is kicking my ass right now


  • bokimotobokimoto Member Unleaded
    DiRT Rally is too arcade ... a 'real sim' would include USB breathalyzer functionality

  • CanadianBakinMaCanadianBakinMa Member New Car Smell
    Hengist said:
    Drink just enough so it adds to the realism. Unfortunately, this doesn't work when questioned by traffic police.
    Not like I can crash my t.v Into the neighbors house though

  • TRLKarthikeyanTRLKarthikeyan Member, Drivers Unleaded
    edited June 2016
    speaking of traffic cops anyone remember this.

    YOUTUBE: TRL Axeman  Murray walker: " That Marshall needs to get his brains tested! "

  • StormRider2525StormRider2525 Member New Car Smell
    If your driving does not improve have another drink, if after that drink your driving still has not improved then this is a sign you need another drink, so take another drink until your driving improves.

    Of course always drink responsibly and friends do not let friends drive sims without at least a drink or two.
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