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Tyre wear bug - Wear depends on starting tyre?



  • vvvilivvvili Member, Drivers Pit Crew
    FRACTURED said:
    Demonr said:
    Slater123 said:
    Will this be patched anytime soon? Apologies if you've already answered this. Don't visit these forums often. 

    jenny said its an issue being looked at but if its not an easy fix it will be the next game. But an issue so key to the whole gameplay surely is a must fix.
    i think she actually said they are looking into it and if they can fix it they will, but if they havent got the resources to fix it then it will be fixed for the next game.

    That's codesmasters-speak for "We're not doing anything".

    This resources excuse, is one of the great lies. If there are resources for next years game, which also needs the fix, they could correct it for 16 as a means to test it for 17 in a live environment.

    If I release bad code into production, if we discover it as part of the next project we don't forget about the past and only fix the issue going forwards, we correct production and verify its working correctly there again so we know that all future releases don't have that issue.

    It does feel like the only way they wouldn't allocate resources is if there was no game coming for 2017, hence no budget whatsoever, why throw money after F1 2016 if it is the last iteration from Codemasters?

    Agreed. It's funny how stupid Codemasters think their customers are. "We might not have enough resources but we'll let you know", yeah right. It doesn't take 2-3 months to discover a reason for a bug and it's now been over three months since the topic was opened and a week shy from three months when Codemasters reacted to this topic for the first time. 

    Only acceptable explanation for not fixing it would be that they didn't get the renewal for the F1 franchise. But even in that scenario it's really disrespectful for customers who have payed a lot of money for this game. And at least for me it will always be a negative thing if someone is asking something about Codemasters. 

    I've pretty much already decided that if F1 2017 comes up made by Codemasters, I'm not going to buy it on release or at all. If I end up buying it, I'll make sure I'll buy it second hand. It would have been totally different if someone from Codemasters had been honest and said that "sorry, it's impossible to fix". That would have been an honest answer compared to this "we'll take a look and we are not sure if we even have enough resources". 

    I'm quite new to this topic but for a reminder: Last reaction from Codemasters is from December 14th. Great communication with the community I must say. 
  • ImDyingYouIdiotImDyingYouIdiot Member, Drivers Champion
    The resources argument always was a convenient excuse if anything.
    Take a look at the Baku racing line glitch. What do you reckon? How much manpower does it take to fix it? How long would it take? 1 day? 2?
    Yet, they can't even fix something they messed up with a patch.

    The reason is simple, they do not have to. Sales are done and dusted, most people play the game for a year at best, and there are surely more than enough people already waiting to pre-order 2017. After all, there are plenty of people defending Codemasters and their business practices. And the few people who are disgruntled and are not willing to buy the next game are a slight annoyance that is easily ignored. I mean, it's not like they haven't perfected the art of ignorance years ago.

    The only sad part is the continued brand loyalty displayed by some of the buyers. Instead of being loyal to quality, they think Codemasters can do no wrong, and if they do mess up, it is simply because we haven't supported them enough. Which is mental in my opinion.
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  • AdamFreemanAdamFreeman Member Race Steward
    I get the resources things but issues that lie in the heart of the game need fixing and like people said its an issue we dont want to creep into a future release and its a huge bug hugely effecting gameplay, just like the god awful screen tearing/stuttering which has been in the game since 2015s edition. Just done mexico and the frame rate and tears arw almost unplaying at the beginning of sector 2!

  • almafialmafi Member Unleaded

    how about a patch or news? "Honestly, what are we doning here" - Sebastian Vettel 2k16
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  • Operator1Operator1 Member, Drivers Champion
    edited January 2017

    vvvili said:

    ...It's funny how stupid Codemasters think their customers are...

    It's also funny that they're right... It's not game companies' fault when so many people eagerly line up year after year to pre-order & buy the next game(s) no matter how many problems were in prior games. Game companies are just delivering what everybody's wallets repeatedly demand: "Moar gamez rite now!! Who cares about quality?? Just hurry up & release the neXt gamez!!" Barely 4 months after F1 2016 was released, there were people already asking about F1 2017.

    Game companies will gladly continue pumping out what people continue throwing money at.

    Good quality will only happen when sales are significantly impacted by poor quality.

    Can't hear issues being reported over the sound of the cash register. *Cha-ching! Cha-ching!*

    Money talks, and if we want things to change, then it's solely up to us to make them hear our money talk by voting differently with our wallets.

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    *Disclaimer: my comments are only my own musings, not 
    'stating opinions as facts' or 'speaking for others.'
    #NeverPreOrder. It's outrageous that consumers have to BEG game companies to make games that reliably function properly. Consumers do NOT buy video games to waste their recreational time doing the unpaid work of paid professional testers. It's nonsense to imply game companies have no obligation to deliver games of consistently reliable functional quality just because "it's not easy & nothing is perfect & you can't please everybody." Company decision-makers listen to consumer spending, not consumer feedback; they don't care if it works properly as long as it SELLS, and every purchase is a vote of approval that helps fund more of the same. Money talks louder than requests & complaints. #VoteWithYourWallet

  • wtsdswtsds Member Wheel Nut
    From what I read about it. So this bug can not be fixed?
  • baxbax Member Unleaded
    wtsds said:
    From what I read about it. So this bug can not be fixed?
    NO... the correct sentence is:

    "this bug WILL not be fixed"
  • vvvilivvvili Member, Drivers Pit Crew
    This pretty much sums it up.

  • kraM1tkraM1t Member Co-Driver

    cantCODE-MASTERS reading this thread....
  • NagromNagrom Member Wheel Nut
    @kraM1t The only thing you'll gain is a ban and/or the closure of this thread.
  • FRACTUREDFRACTURED Member, Drivers Champion
    Lozzy said:
    Updated the bug title. We'll have a look in to this.
    Lozzy said:
    No update yet but we are looking in to it.
    Lozzy said:
    I've not posted anything because I have no news to post at the moment. When there is I will post it.
    Lozzy said:
    I closed the other thread because it was a duplicate of this one. Surely that was obvious? Lets not worry about debating that though eh...

    As Fractured kindly pointed out as I've said before when I have news I'll post it, but at the moment I have nothing new to post. I appreciate that's frustrating but that's the only update I have.
    As @Lozzy has said previously, we are aware of this issue and we’re actively looking into it. Depending on the volume of work required to resolve this, it may not be something we have the resource to fix for F1 2016 – but we’ll keep you updated on our findings as and when we can! If, on this occasion, it’s something we aren’t able to resolve for F1 2016, then we will make it a priority to fix for future projects
    Thanks for your feedback so far - as we've mentioned before, this is something that we're looking into. Delving a little deeper into the issue, it's become apparent that this isn't something that has crept in with a patch, and so the solution would be more complex than just rolling back to a previous version.
    Whats the craic this month then Codies? Any information on fixes for any of the issues we have pointed out?
    Any information on F1 2017?
    Any news from the bi-weekly team meetings?

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