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Dirt Rally very hard to race

WEll i have been racing since screamer rally that being:

Screamer Rally

Sega Rally(Saturn)

Colin Mcrae

Colin Mcrae 2005


Dirt 2

Dirt 3

and so on

so i bought me a Xbox 1 and have been trading games at a local store and got me Dirt Rally

i mean i have raced FOrza Motorsport 6

Forza Horizon 2

but Dirt rally is just the hardest rally game i have ever played i don´t own a fancy racing seat and steering Wheel set up just the Controller.

but boy is it hard to get green zones and even win some stage those hardest races this far is Greece, Sweden, Germany with it´s gnarly turns nad corners, but how the heck am i supposed to win in the Mini when it spins around, flips all sorts of ways, and is  simple too slow but going to the Lancia is even harder so i really don´t know what the strategy to cornering is.

Like the Square corners i do the handbrake turn but then i loose all speed

Right/Left 1 same thing Little easier to do handbrake turns.

Hairpins are hard too

i might say i have every assist on i can have and still i can´t win stages even though i have played the game to and from since purchase and today i have played it hours and hours even discarded Championships depending on how much i suck at the different races.

So the one i did ok on considering is

1 Finland

2 Monte Carlo 3:rd overall

Sweden (sucked)

Greece (Sucked)

Germany 3-4:th overall

all tips and pointers are very much appreciated.

I apologise for any spell misses

Best Whishes

A frustrated Racer :D :)



  • SkyRexSkyRex Member Petrol Head
    Best tip for you probably: Go watch the ingame tutorial videos.
    They are really good and explain to you how to drive a car fast on loose surfaces in real life (and in DiRT Rally).
    If you mastered the described driving techniques from those and still have problems please report back
  • Race43Race43 Member New Car Smell

    ok thx i will do that but right now the Tv is taken by rest of the Family.

    So i have to wait but i will check them out for sure


  • RodgerDaviesRodgerDavies Member Champion
    Yeah, first thing is not to worry about winning. It took me weeks before I won a stage! You will get a battle with someone, so if you're in sixth, then coming fifth is a 'win'.

    Just concentrate on learning to listen to the codriver and get to the end of stages and you will naturally improve.
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  • RallyDrivenRallyDriven Member Champion
    I play on a controller on XB1, it's perfectly playable.

    If you're struggling, is recommend not trying to go for wins. It is a hard game, so take it slowly, listen to pacenotes, and focus on getting clean stages, even if you are driving slowly. Watch the tutorials as well! Good luck!
  • Race43Race43 Member New Car Smell

    Ok well like greece is also prettyy hard with it´s turns amd gravel combos, Sweden well i can do piruettes :) but i can´t seem to be able to finish top 5 overall on those 2 races, monte carlo i try take it easy but i only get red times and still monte carlo should be driven rather slow than fast but still, maybe it is the assits i have on that makes me slower.

    I will try to turn them off see how it goes :

  • BadD0gBadD0g Member Team Principal
    That sounds pretty normal for someone who is new to the game, don't be discouraged. I thought I knew what I was doing since I played rally games in the past, but it took me quite a while to climb out of middle pack, even on the easiest difficulty. Your first few seasons should be spent learning, you might even want to turn off the timers in the HUD options so the sector times don't get to your head. Speed will come naturally as you learn, you'll find yourself (slowly) climbing up the leaderboards. Don't abandon championships or restart, just take whatever place you get and try to learn from your mistakes (there will be LOTS of mistakes, trust me on that). Once you get yourself in the mindset that driving and finishing is more important than winning, you'll feel a lot less stress in each event.

    Sweden is especially rough, focus on driving slow and clean there and just try to finish. You need to be very careful on corner entry, since the snowbanks are always waiting to grab you if you turn in too early or too much. Don't expect to be fast there for a while, it's going to take a lot of practice.
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  • kraM1tkraM1t Member Co-Driver
    edited February 2017
    You swapped from arcade/simcade games where the cars don't handle particularly realistically and still hold your hand with all assists off even, to a sim, watch the in-game tutorials to learn how!
  • RyuMakkuroRyuMakkuro Member Champion
    Rule of a thumb for any racing game played on any type of controller with analog input (gamepad, steering wheel, etc.) is to remove the deadzone completely and make sure the saturation is at 100%. Otherwise you have a big issues with doing... well, anything in fact.

    I highly advise to turn off traction control and stability control. Use ABS if you struggle with braking (I use it in Pikes Peak and Germany, turn it off everywhere else) and make sure you're as smooth as possible with the steering. Rest will come naturally after failing a bazillion times xD Along with car upgrades which will make winning a cinch.

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  • BadD0gBadD0g Member Team Principal
    Rule of a thumb for any racing game played on any type of controller with analog input (gamepad, steering wheel, etc.) is to remove the deadzone completely and make sure the saturation is at 100%. Otherwise you have a big issues with doing... well, anything in fact.
    For a gamepad, I don't agree with that at all. Use whatever's comfortable, if you crank up the saturation all the way it might be way to twitchy for you. I personally use an Xbox 360 controller with Saturation at 60 and Linearity at 40, which is perfect for me. There's no "rule" for this, it comes down to preference.

    But yeah, traction/stability control are bad, but ABS can sometimes be useful. I leave it off personally (I like having to manage my brakes to keep them from locking) but it can help a lot while you get a the hang of things.
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  • Race43Race43 Member New Car Smell

    well i use manual launch Control now and it work pretty ok the thing is i today made it to "Clubman Championship" but i was stupid i bought A Audi Quattro and i bought the Ford Escort MKII stupid too as it turned out i can´t sell my cars i bought that is wierd so now i Went back to open Championship to make more Money so i can buy a less powerful 70´s car the Escort wasn´t doable as it threw the rear all over the road snow or no snow.

    any ideas how to manage a RWD 80´s car with out being 2-3mins after the leader because that is where i am in the Escort MKII and i just can´t get a good feel for it and since i can´t sell the cars i bought i have to get more Money somehow and that is in my trusty Little Mini also any tips on setup for the mini like in Wales and Greece?

    Have a great Sunday :)

  • BadD0gBadD0g Member Team Principal
    I like to move the brake bias back 2 clicks on the Mini, but that's all I change. The Mini is one of my favorite cars, it's really fun to chuck around.

    Try doing the Daily stages in the Online Events category to make extra money. The main Daily gives you a predetermined car and stage, so you get to try different cars out without spending any money. Even if you place in the lowest tier you still get some money for it, and you get a change to try out some other cars you might not have otherwise tried.
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  • Alf72Alf72 Member Co-Driver

    Word of advise. Before you buy any car, try them at Custom Events to check if you like how they handle, because you can't sell them back ( as you already found out ). Cars in Custom Events are fully upgraded.

    Imo, for RWD cars, Opel Kadett and Fiat 131 are the "easy" to handle. Stratos and Lancia 037 are the hardest... but like i said, try the cars in Custom events, before you buy any.

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  • DidzisDidzis Member Team Principal
    The Escort is a bit more tail-happy but IMO they are all pretty similar, with Fiat and Opel being slightly easier (I still don't find the Stratos hard to drive, but that's maybe because I use a wheel, idk). 
    A good way to earn money is doing Custom championships on the hardest difficulty. Even if you don't get top places, you still get a decent amount of money. You will need your own car though, so you're limited to racing the ones you have. On the plus side, the distance driven in Custom Championships also count towards vehicle upgrades. 
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  • tbtstttbtstt Member Champion
    Welcome to the forum @Race43! I too am a controller player (PS4) and, like you, have found that DiRT Rally is a steep learning curve compared to other games. 

    As has already been said, don't expect to win rallies immediately. You need quite a bit of time to get used to the handling, plus the car upgrades will make things easier as well. I personally have all the aids off apart from the ABS. I also have manual starts enabled and the clutch kick as well (in my personal opinion the clutch kick is the best addition for controller players in DiRT Rally, for both manual and automatic gears). 

    Try not to jump too far ahead with the cars as well. I finally managed to win a 1960's event, then went and bought a Group B car and was useless! Try an R4 class car to get you into the 4WD cars, then Group A and save the latest WRCars and Group B for the end. 

    You need patience to get the best out of DR but, for me, it's worth the time as it feels great when you finally get to grips with it! (And despite improving, I still find Sweden very tricky!)

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  • Race43Race43 Member New Car Smell

    Hi thanks yeah i have been driving my Little Mini for Days now and on some stages i can get one green but rest red, the recent Open Championship i Finished 2nd overall :D So very happy for that now i am driving the clubman in my Mini to see how i fair in that one, yeah i too want to buy some faster cars that doesn´t swirl all over the road as i try and accelerate the Escort MK II seems pretty advanced to drive as i noticed, but then i bought the Opel well í got the German rally of course so that was a bust but i will learn the Opel and then  will try to win with it.

    So for the Mini rallies like Greece,Wales,Finland how do i setup the suspension,damping and such also height i have tried to fiddle with those and sometimes it seems to help and other times not os much it´s a really great game when i first played it and it was so hard i kinda lost interest until a few Days ago as i really tried it and boy is it fun.

    Well i´ll report back as i progress but it feels great to make som green on a stage shows some progress and turning of timers was a real good thing now i can concentrate on driving and not be distracted by the times :D

    best whishes and i hope you guys get some stage wins eventually i sure will fight for it in the Mini or some other car but i will get there (hopefully) hehehe

  • Race43Race43 Member New Car Smell


    I would like to run the monthly but i need to own a Class A car and i am not sure which one to buy i have Always liked Subaru since the first CM rally game came in 1998 but which Class A car do you fancy and recommend?

  • DytutDytut Member Champion
    Race43 said:


    I would like to run the monthly but i need to own a Class A car and i am not sure which one to buy i have Always liked Subaru since the first CM rally game came in 1998 but which Class A car do you fancy and recommend?

    The Subaru or the Lancia. The Ford has weird suspension and seems down on power. I prefer the Lancia since it's more nimble and suits my driving, but it's a matter of preference. I'd recommend trying a few laps with each in a custom event and get the feel for them.
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  • tbtstttbtstt Member Champion
    The Subaru sounds better, so I'd say that! :smiley:

    (As @Dytut says @Race43 try both in custom event and see how you get on)

    "If In Doubt, Flat Out!"

  • Race43Race43 Member New Car Smell
    Alright Subaru it is, as it is one of my favorite cars in Rally games :)
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