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2 ps4 on same network problem

If you have 2 ps4s and you join as a group when you try to race it drops one with a 'you lost connection' box and let's the other machine play. Out of 20 attempts we got to race together 2 or 3 times.


  • kenjarakenjara Member New Car Smell
    Hi I have had the same problem.
    I am not sure if it is two PS4 on the same network or just the party mode in general. The whole game is unstable online at the moment even when playing alone.

    We got round this by just picking the same mode to play at the same time. There are so few people playing you usually get into the same game. 
  • FreemanOneFreemanOne Member New Car Smell
    I can second the original post, me and my wife tried playing together ( 2 PS4 one network) and it was so temperamental. Real Shame actually. 

    Why is there no private match option ? I wouldn't mind if they didn't kick you out every **** game , especially when it took us like 10 mins to get into a game together.

    Tbh, this is code masters all over, don't think they have ever released a game with solid online performance. It's so bad I try and avoid their games all together . 
  • ChristinaMcChristinaMc Member, Codemasters, F1MR testers Community Manager
    Thanks for your feedback! We're looking into this - and once we have an update for you, we'll be back on the forums to let you know what we'll be doing. 
  • kenjarakenjara Member New Car Smell
    Good to know this is being looked into. We tried to play again over the weekend with the new patch and its not any better yet. We end up giving up and playing something else.
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