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Forgets Profil Setting for Transmission and wheel

Since I got my Rift I started to enjoy Dirt Rally again, however at it started to act up and keeps forgetting my settings every time I launch it.
First things I have to do is go to Profile and change the Transmission from Automatic to Clutch + H shifter + Seq, then it tells me my settings aren't mapped for this layout and I have to go through all it again.... every time.

I followed all available advice, not touching the keyboard during start up  and later, did not remap the pause button, I deleted all my profile and controller settings (basically all local user files) and what not.

Setup: T300 + SHH Shifter (both via usb2), Rift, Windows 10, purchased via steam.


  • versediversedi Member Champion
    edited July 2017
    First idea that comes to my mind:
    Set the controls, save them, then alt+tab to Windows and setup your settings/controls file as "Read-Only". 

  • jego12jego12 Member New Car Smell
    edited July 2017
    Ah thanks, I wanted to try to lock them to read only but totally forgot about it.
    Lets hope it does not crash the game. :D

    Edit: The folder wheelsettings in My Games\Dirt Rally is empty.
    Where are those files saved to? Maybe that's the issue?
  • jego12jego12 Member New Car Smell

    I would at least hope for some sort of workaround or official support response?

  • JLUOJLUO Member New Car Smell
    I have same kind of problem with Dirt 4 after the 1.06 update. Every time I start the game I have to set all of my wheels (T300) buttons. They ALL are unbound. For some reason, my TH8A-shifter does remember it's mappings.
  • jego12jego12 Member New Car Smell
    Very frustrating...

  • JLUOJLUO Member New Car Smell
    I am an idiot. My problem was fixed by verifying the game files. :|
  • jego12jego12 Member New Car Smell
    This did not fix it for me. :/                     

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