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Dirt 4 PS4 T500rs and TH8rs compatibility?

I'm undecided on whether to get Dirt 4 for my PS4 or PC. I have the T500rs wheel plus TH8rs shifter.
The T500 wheel is listed as PS4 compatible on the 'Dirt 4 Road Book' thread in this forum: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/52217/dirt-4-road-book-19-05-17
However on the games official webpage the T500 is not listed under PS4. Can anyone confirm if it works and also if its possible to use the TH8rs as a second controller for shifting/handbrake duties? Thanks.


  • peje47peje47 Member New Car Smell
    hello I bought DIRT4 yesterday I have T500RS PS4 pro and it not works it start and 5-6 min after it changes the commands with dual shock (the half on dual and the wheee on T500 horror  I have TH8 shifter too but I dont want try it's .... **** in french
  • CMMcBabeCMMcBabe Member, Codemasters Petrol Head
    The T500 is not currently supported.  If you disable the force feedback by switching it to PS3 mode it will work.
  • Munken77Munken77 Member New Car Smell
    edited June 2017
    Is it going to be fixed any time soon? Or are we with that wheel just f.....??????
  • CMMcBabeCMMcBabe Member, Codemasters Petrol Head
    We are looking to hopefully support it in a future update.
  • StansOldManStansOldMan Member New Car Smell
    "Hopefully"...mmm a bit too vague for my liking so i'm gonna stick with PC .  I have to say its a poor show for your console customers given that the T500 worked with dirt rally, I hope you manage to patch this asap.

    I see on another thread that a second controller for shifting/handbrake duties is supported so thats good news at least.

  • Badcolo16Badcolo16 Member New Car Smell
    CMMcBabe said:
    We are looking to hopefully support it in a future update.
    when you relese an update?

  • leggacyleggacy Member New Car Smell
    not wishing to question the validity of your answers but:
    there is no PS3 mode on the T500rs, the only mode button is to switch the pedals inverted.
    and who the hell wants to play with no feedback? Dumb...
    "hopefully support" is not a concrete answer, I was about to get this game I won't part with any ££'s until I know for sure.
    Are there any devs that can give us a proper answer please?
  • Sardman58GTExDSardman58GTExD Member New Car Smell
    I have bought DIRT 4 but....I have T500 RS and no one advise me about such incompatibility.
    It's impossible to drive. On each stage, during driving, 3-4 times the steer get crazy and need to reset commands..
    CMMcBABE says "We are looking to hopefully support it in a future update" OK
    BUT I hope you will fix it as soon as possible. It's unbelievable that the most expensive topclass steer its not supported!
    At the moment I paid 70 euro for the game but I can't use it. Inacceptable.
    Hope You will provide soon.
    Thanks & regards
  • Tony79Tony79 Member New Car Smell
    Hi T500 User.
    Please turn the "Tire Friction" on 0 (Zero) and it works without Disconnect. I have the same Error.
  • leggacyleggacy Member New Car Smell
    Fixed yet? Not buying until it's properly patched 
  • madwakmadwak Member Wheel Nut
    Nope, not fixed yet and probably won't ever be.
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