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Recording vr gameplay.

Why won't you let us record gameplay in VR on the PS4?  Is it because of memory/hardware issues?  Or are you just being selfish and not letting us record your product?  I honestly can't think of another reason why you wouldn't let us do that.


  • VannipoVannipo Member Unleaded
    edited August 2017
    Why only on PS4? I want to see the replay in VR on PC, too. Like other VR titles have.
    Watching around while U see U driving is amazing. But, I think, they don't have an idea of what I am talking about...
  • PhlemmyPhlemmy Member New Car Smell
    I didn't know they weren't allowing it on other systems too.  I've only used the PS4 version.  I definitely think you should be able to record gameplay too.  We should all be able to.
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