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Has any one had the safety car out in 25 or 50 percent races

Woundering if its just me or if other people are getting the safety car into my second season with force india at canada first season I done on 25 percent apart from 3 races which done at 100 the 3 that done at 100 percent I got one safety car but never had any in 25 percent my second season done every race on  50 percent upto canada and havent had one safety car or vsr im on xbox one s just woundering if any one else is experience this 


  • SkipToMyLouSkipToMyLou Member New Car Smell
    I've only completed 7 to 8 Races on ps4 with collissions and damages turned on at 50 percent races but had both VSC and SC on the track a numerous of times. So everything's fine for me.
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