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Codemasters signs to do F1 games for 3 more years.

AyrtonSdSAyrtonSdS Member Unleaded

According to Ian Bell of SMS they "pitched the F1 license to Liberty Media last week. They've resigned with Codemasters for 3 more years..." 

Skip to 1:53:34 for proof.



  • daemundaemun Member Wheel Nut

  • EnsiFerrumEnsiFerrum Member Pit Crew
    Well, what should I say?
    Let's stick with the "Masters of Code" for another 3 years.
    Since yesterday (Ferrari SF70H was released for AC) I did not have any good reason to invest much more energy in F1-2017.
    PC2 is just around the corner.
    FM7 is just one more week away.
    Renewed my iRacing subscription on Saturday.
    In a short term, I don't care at all.
    In a longer term, I hope they will do a complete rewrite of the engine. In Terms of graphics, triple Screen Rendering, physics, Audio, AI, and the rules mechanics at all.
    Just my 2 Cent.

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  • ZoieLiuZoieLiu Member New Car Smell
    3 more years of a lot of patches and no problem fixing...
    Yes, it's definitely a bad news!
    They will never improve and solve the problem, only know how to ban people.

    PS. We say that, this post will be blocked or ban us?

  • Morg291Morg291 Member New Car Smell
    aaron685 said:
    And you think Slightly Mad Studios would do a better job than Codies? Haha there would be way more bugs and problems...
    Yes of course they would. Even more refined AI than PC2 and only having 1 car (plus anything similar to classic cars) plus liveries and 20 or so tracks, almost half of which they have already in the PCars series, leading to more in depth ironing out of bugs. Although there'd still be a moderate amount on launch I'm sure, about the same as a Codemasters title there then.

    Studio Liverpool, yet another different developer, released an excellent F1 game first time round on the PS3 in 2006 - with a formation lap, career mode and classic cars. Only took Codemasters four attempts :smile:
  • Operator1Operator1 Member, Drivers Champion

    Another interesting comment in this video around the ~6:06:07 mark: "...I think we're going to split the franchise and start making the world's best loose racing game, as in rally, as in rallycross, as in loose surface..."

    ...Look out, DiRT.

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    'stating opinions as facts' or 'speaking for others.'
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  • SkiddyMcCrashSkiddyMcCrash Member Champion
    ZoieLiu said:
    3 more years of a lot of patches and no problem fixing...
    Yes, it's definitely a bad news!
    They will never improve and solve the problem, only know how to ban people.

    PS. We say that, this post will be blocked or ban us?

    Only if you start acting like little children and start insulting other members. Play nice and thread will stay
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  • Good to see Codemasters keeping the title, 

    I've been playing Codemasters racing games since the early days and always enjoy them.

    TOCA series, CM Rally series and the F1 series. Thanks for years of entertainment Codemasters and many more to come. 
  • pijinpijin Member Race Engineer
    Seriously? If another studio picks it up, you’ll be starting at worst, with F1 2010, and at best F1 2015 in terms of just dearth of features and bare bones gameplay. Even if a big one like EA picks it up. Just look at the first Star Wars Battlefront. That’s the FPS equivalent of F1 2015. Nice graphics and mechanics but no depth. I trust Codie’s to eventually iron out the bugs. They’re definitely a Renault not a Honda.
  • mceci1mceci1 Member Pit Crew
    Disappointing.  Would have loved to see SMS or just about anyone else take over (iRacing, Image Space, Kunos, Sector3, etc)

    Image Space, then we wont have anything good, they are the biggest joke out
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