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Online championship points reset?

ma77yy97ma77yy97 Member New Car Smell
Every time me and friends load the online championship we’re doing it resets everyone’s points even the AI were on Spain right now and it reset the points again! Please help

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  • F1SupportF1Support Member, Codemasters Co-Driver
    Hello @ma77yy97, in the track list do you have all of the tracks or do you just have a single track? The game considers the season to be over when the list of tracks has been completed, so if you don't have all the tracks you want in your season you're doing a season that's only one race long and therefore the points reset. I hope that makes sense!

  • ma77yy97ma77yy97 Member New Car Smell
    We have all the tracks selected yes! But when I say reload the game it says we’ve finished the previous races but when I scroll across to session manager the races show but no drivers appear and points are reset if you would like me to add pictures I can 
  • F1SupportF1Support Member, Codemasters Co-Driver
    Some screenshots would be useful please.
  • ma77yy97ma77yy97 Member New Car Smell
    Yeah it confused me and my friends a lot! Thanks for the fast response! We started from Spain again last night and done Monaco too seems to be saving now! Thank you again!! 
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