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Game starts only in Windowed mode, cannot run with full screen

This had been a persistent issue for me for Grid Autosport and now, Dirt Rally. Both games refuse to run in full screen mode even after I set to full screen in the option menu, the game is still running on Windows mode. Pressing Alt-Enter also does not work as the game will go back into Windowed mode almost immediately after that. The only way to force both game to run on full screen is by using Borderless Gaming tool or disable DX11 for Grid Autosport. 

My system specs are:
Intel Core i7 4810MQ  
nVidia 880M 8GB  

I know this has been an issue in the past with Grid Autosport but it seemed like it has not fully resolved for all cases. 

Also, I could at least force Grid Autosport to run on full screen by disabling DX11 for the game by tweaking hardware_settings_config.xml but doing the same for Dirt Rally will cause the game to CTD on launch. 

I would appreciate if Codemaster could fix this issue especially when it is at Early Access.


  • StorkmankmkStorkmankmk Member New Car Smell
    Yes , I'm also having same problem, has it still never been fixed?
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