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DiRT 4 Small Improvement Suggestions

With a DiRT 4 update being talked about for some time now I got to thinking about what small improvements it would be cool to see. 
Obviously a lot of people think there should be big changes but there are other threads for moaning about those, this is about small things that would be easy for the developers to change and would stop you getting frustrated at a certain aspect of the game.

So I ask for your thoughts as well,
What small improvements would you like to see in DiRT 4?

As for what I think, here are 5 things I want to see changed. Do you agree with them or am I just too easily frustrated?


  • DoubleTenDoubleTen Member Unleaded
    For me this game was a great delusion, even for these small details.

    You're right: menu is nonsense, such as co-pilot statements (shut up, damn it!!!)
    Another total nonsense for me are the sponsor objectives. Why MOMO wants to make me run at 89% of difficulty in the middle of an event?! Why a sponsor wants a clean stage and another one wants a 1st place?!
    It's just frustrating when your career is nearly finished.

    Another aspect to revise is the team management: i can't figure out WHEN the staff wants a new contract and why.
    It's like playing a blind RPG game.
  • cjr3559cjr3559 Member New Car Smell
    The menus don’t bother me much, but yeah, there are a lot of them.  At least they load very quickly.  Referring to Gran Turismo in your video, the best menu layout in recent time was GT6.  GTSport has reverted back to selections that are placed all around the screen, and sometimes the cursor won’t go the direction you’d expect based on your d-pad input. Drives me crazy. GT4 and 5 have this too. CM menus have always been superior and more intuitive.

    As far as D4 annoyances.  Not many, nothing major, and I seriously had to sit and think about them.
    • Windshield wipers that always default ‘intermittent’ even when there’s no precipitation anywhere in sight. I’m tired of turning them off every single dry weather stage. 
    • The same AI drivers that always top the leaderboards. “Alvarez.  Where’s Alvarez?”  Meanwhile the drivers listed near the bottom should seriously find another career.
    • Better way to filter and classify your garage cars. I only have around 30, and scrolling to and fro is a little cumbersome.  At least you can zip back and forth quickly.
    Otherwise I’m immensely enjoying this game and play it darn near exclusively.  I’ve got enough car/stage options to keep me busy for a long while. A few more locations would be great in all three disciplines as long as it doesn’t deter from the game playability.  Don’t personally need to sacrifice quality for quantity.

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  • Monkeyman707Monkeyman707 Member Unleaded
    You both have good points that I had almost blanked from memory.

    The sponsor objectives are indeed annoying, I have basically begun ignoring them and just expecting if I do well I'll pass them. Extending contracts is also really frustrating as it happens every 6 rounds which is super frequent when you do 1 or 2 stage rallies. I've also basically given up hiring anything other than the main crew which have endless contract.

    Totally valid point about the gt sport menus being annoying with the weird directions it takes you in, I have definitely been frustrated quite often particularly after sport races where it puts the cursor god knows where and I end up clicking all directional buttons trying to find it and get back to racing. 
    AI drivers yeah you summed it up.

    I too have been enjoying the game, I mostly wish there was more people involved to make pro tour and dailies more exciting
  • DoubleTenDoubleTen Member Unleaded
    edited November 2017
    Maybe, the best menu was in DiRT 2. Full immersion, cars and events clearly visible (forget the yo'bro-ish ambience, it was good in those years, now can be just annoying)

    Another point: liveries. We deserve more and better liveries than those 3 patterns
  • PueBurtGBPueBurtGB Member New Car Smell
    I've got the feeling Dirt 4 will not get any more updates as they are to busy with F1 2017.

    Will never pre-order another CM game.

    They have took our money and ran, lets hope the next rally game is not another D4 **** shoot.
  • couger1981couger1981 Member Race Engineer
    PueBurtGB said:
    I've got the feeling Dirt 4 will not get any more updates as they are to busy with F1 2017.

    Will never pre-order another CM game.

    They have took our money and ran, lets hope the next rally game is not another D4 **** shoot.
    They have different teams for each type of game.
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  • LudwigVonMisesLudwigVonMises Member Co-Driver
    They have different teams for each type of game.
    From the the Road Book on 4 August:

    "One of the reasons it’s been quiet on the DiRT 4 front is because a lot of us in the office have been focusing our efforts on the wonderful F1 2017."

    The teams may be different, but they do share resources. Source: http://blog.codemasters.com/community/08/dirt-4-road-book-040817/
  • Alf72Alf72 Member Co-Driver
    edited November 2017
    Agree with everything in your video @Monkeyman707, and about your #1, it annoys  me more the comments that Co-Driver says at the end of every stage. I mean, and as example, i just crashed 5 times through the stage, lost tons of time and ended with a stage time that even my grandma could do better, but Co-Driver ALWAYS says something like " Well done, great stage!! ". I mean, ****? If i drove bad, tell me i'm bad, or better yet, don't say nothing.
    The one that takes the cake, for me, is if i just put 1 inch of the tires outside of the Stage, 99% of the times, we lose control of the car almost immediately, and this is more noticeable while cornering. Everything outside of the stage feels like ice.

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  • Monkeyman707Monkeyman707 Member Unleaded
    Yeah I really should have included the end of stage codriver comment in there as well, every stage on the daily events I get the "that's unbeatable" comment even if I'm bottom tier  :/
    I assume that has something to do with their being no opposition cars, just leaederboard times, but really the game should be smart enough to see what's going on not just slam us with the same lines every single time
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