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Drit Rally car choice R4

any thoughts as to impreza WRX or Lancer Evolution X in the R4 on PS4 choice? Use T150 wheel. thanks 


  • teknoid85teknoid85 Member Wheel Nut
    i always choose  the lancer   more bhp   and less weight
  • DidzisDidzis Member Team Principal
    I also usually go for the Evo, I kinda like how it drives a bit better. But a manual is a must with these things, because automatic is just wonky on the R4's
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  • carpacarpa Member Race Engineer
    Not that there's much choice but I'd go with the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo because it suits better how I drive and also because I prefer how it looks :D
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  • edgenzedgenz Member Petrol Head
    edited November 2017
    Go with whatever feels better for you.
    If you've driven neither, on paper the Evo is the better car as previously mentioned, so I'd try getting used to that first. 
    But personally I'm so dialled into the feeling of the Impreza that I can't get close to my best times in the Evo.

    The main difference for me is the length of the car. I feel less confident using more of the road in the Evo as I usually clip stuff, but again that's just cause I'm used to the Impreza. 

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