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Straight line Speed

I have just completed my 1st season on f1 2017 with Red Bull after starting again from McLaren. I get no straight line speed even with DRS against any car even the back markers can pass me in a straight line, I understand the setup of the car with downforce on front and rear wing both of which if set to 2-2 and I'm still passed by mclarens, I've spent all my upgrade points over the season on engine parts but it seems to have made no difference.

I'd appreciate any advise!


  • carpacarpa Member Petrol Head
    Have you checked your trigger/pedal is able to go to 100% input? You can see this in the option menu under controller settings
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  • Twixxwee89Twixxwee89 Member New Car Smell
    That was it!! It was at 72, thank you!!!
  • FRACTUREDFRACTURED Member, Drivers Champion
    Dang man. You'll be well quick once that's sorted  :D
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