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As we all know this game has more bugs than David Attenboroughs back garden, due to this fact am I entitled to a refund as this game is faulty?


  • haydn23haydn23 Member Team Principal
    edited January 2018
    Ok then sure. Go and get a refund on every game you have ever purchased cause they all have issues and are faulty in some way. And tbf if u have played the game a decent amount do u rly deserve a refund? Like u've paid for it and used it alot and used their services alot then In no way do u deserve a refund imo. The game is faulty we all know this. We all have seen these pointless little threads everywhere which have absolutely no point, they're not gonna get u anywhere. If ur on pc contact steam support, and see if ur eligible. Take it back to the place u brought it and see if ur eligible. But Codies aint gonna give u direct refund the re-sale company will. This was a completely pointless thread. I'm sorry but can we please just stop this.

    Edit: Although I should point out I agree with ur point. And I believe it is against consumer rights in some forms. However the game is functional and is what it is sold as, they just choose not to advertise it works on their terms xD Really hope if the next game gets any improvements, is that it's reliable. 

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  • jennyannemjennyannem Member, Codemasters Community Manager
    Hi @TonyHam, we're sorry you'd like a refund, but if this is something you want, please contact the vendor from which you bought the game, and they will help you.
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