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Dirt 4 VR

will there be a dlc coming out to enable VR mode for Dirt 4?


  • Firewater1960Firewater1960 Member New Car Smell
    Dirt 4 is my favorite off-road racing game but I find myself mostly playing Dirt Rally just for the VR experience. 
  • sokittoya76sokittoya76 Member New Car Smell
    Don't waste your time buddy I am among many here on the forums who's cries have fallen on deaf ears. **** are simply going to do it on dirt rally 2 and all us idiots who took **** statement 'They haven't ruled it out' as a reason to buy their sorry excuse for a racing game will be left bitter and twisted.
    Myself I have only put in 5 hours on Dirt 4 and asked for a refund on Steam and they refused as I had the game in my library for over their tolerance time frame.
    Waste of money and waste of energy asking these greedy so and so's for it. Not once have I received a reply and i am not the only one...
    SHAME ON YOU ****... SHAME ON YOU!!! :(
  • rustyjawrustyjaw Member New Car Smell
    edited June 2018
    I played Dirt Rally a lot when it came out. Then Dirt 4, which all else being equal, is a better game (except maybe for the stages, which are delightfully brutal in DR, but I think the procedural stages in D4 have promise in the future). Then I got a VR headset and went back to try Dirt Rally, and there is no comparison. VR is a vastly superior experience, even with the lower-resolution. 

    It would be a shame to let Dirt 4’s virtues stay stuck in 2-dimensions. VR + Rally is an incredible combination. There’s no going back. 
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  • dfixerdfixer Member New Car Smell
    Please enable this on the game. 
    Work on it, it will make a huge diference. 

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