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F1 2017 - PS4 League!

Hi Guys. My name is Aaron and I run a league on PS4 for F1 2017 called ‘FTRL’. We are a well established league with 2 full divisions and are looking to expand with some new drivers. Regular seats and reserve seats are available. We race on Monday and Tuesday evenings every week at 8pm UK time.

Please contact me if interested or alternatively, my gamertag on PS4 is ‘FTRL_Aaron’.

Thank you :)


  • Cammy555Cammy555 Member New Car Smell
  • FTRLaaronFTRLaaron Member New Car Smell
    Hi mate... Are you interested in joining?
  • PonzettoYTPonzettoYT Member New Car Smell
  • woutiewoutie Member New Car Smell
    Hello this is a test, so don't worry I will delete it soon
  • BorisDimitrovBorisDimitrov Member New Car Smell
    I want to join ! My e-mail for psn is [email protected] and my in-game name is borkata17. I am in my opinion a good semi-fast racer, still learning the fine details of some tracks while trying to learn no assists. I'd love to join a group of people, who are as passionate about the sport and can give me some real fair racing thrills, as the online lobbies are 80% first corner massacre. I am racing go-karts in real life so I have a very good understanding about on track ethics, clean racing, fair overtakes and I have no problem accepting that another driver is faster than me and will overtake. I will try to follow the faster man and learn his tricks instead of doing some last hope divebombs in hope of keeping the position. I would love to hear back from you. 
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