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F1 2017 Game Survey Now Open!

Greetings Drivers,

Our F1 2017 Survey is now open! I know that many of you have told us your thoughts here on the forums, but it would be great if you take ten minutes or so to fill this out for us. In doing so, you’ll help us in ensuring we’re coming at future projects with ideas and initiatives inspired by you, our players.

Tell us your thoughts by heading here - F1 2017 Game Survey



  • AlexTTAlexTT Member Pit Crew
    Especially for you! Done! ;)

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    If it ain’t dutch, it ain’t much 

  • NtsParadizeNtsParadize Member New Car Smell
    What does mean 'challenge based gameplay'?
  • AlexTTAlexTT Member Pit Crew
    How challenging Ai is, weird car behaviour because of damage, or that they give you a vhallenge like in event mode :)
    If it ain’t dutch, it ain’t much 

  • UP100UP100 Member Race Engineer
    What does mean 'challenge based gameplay'?
    It sounds like something from HITMAN. Not saying that it would be anything like that, but it sounds like that.
  • reece12378reece12378 Member New Car Smell
    Answered the survey! I wouldn't mind DLC as long as it comes after launch and not with launch. I dont feel like its right locking content thats in the game at launch as its not really fair for the buyer to pay extra for something already there. Sure, you could say the same thing for after launch content but with after launch it seems fairer as you are paying for what has been developed to improve the game and not something that has been cut from launch. Cosmetics i wouldn't really see myself buying TBH. 
  • 1512marcel1512marcel Member, Drivers Champion
    DLC is common practice, so why shouldn't they. Television changed over the years, so will gaming. Some will love it, some will hate it. As long as I'm not forced to buy DLC I don't mind. I'm boss over my own wallet (the misses let me believe I am)

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  • haydn23haydn23 Member Team Principal
    edited April 12
    DLC didn't worry. however the idea of a premium currency or lootboxes did. Please no do not put this in the bloody game. DLC is fine, Dlc imo is perfectly acceptable it is additional content that for the most part is worth the money. Lootboxes and things are usually a complete over-price and not worth it by any stretch of the imagination. Also just to add to that if the idea of having these loot boxes is so that things like dedicated server can be afforded i'm sure aleast 90% of the people here wouldn't mind paying to have access to better servers like on rfactor. Also to add to that it would somewhat fix the issue of people who just take you out as if they do not care about the game they will not be playing for these servers. Maybe they should be exclusive aswell so if someone gets multiple negative reports they get banned from accessing them. 
    Just gonna go and add that to my thread on features now ;)
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  • stephensmattleestephensmattlee Member Race Steward
    Also completed the survey. Yup the idea of loot boxes and making extra payments to unlock aspects of a game is ridiculous to me. Just look at how well the reception was to EA doing it in the Star Wars games. 

    I don’t mind DLC and extras as long as they are exactly that, extras, and not things that should be in the core content of the game. 
    I do get the impression Codemasters are giving serious thought to adding more classic tracks as DLC later down the line which I guess wouldn’t hurt too much as other games do it, eg Assetto Corsa and Project Cars
  • inspiretheworldinspiretheworld Member Petrol Head
    edited April 12
    Done the survey and if you include everything that is in that survey, I'd be happy. 
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  • robin8frobin8f Member Wheel Nut
    My thoughts: 
    1. I'm very worried about the questions regarding DLC, please do not **** up the game by locking lots of important/valuable things behind DLC. 
    2. The career mode is already very good, please focus on the online mode, which is unfortunately filled with problems and glitches. 
    3. Please enable us to practice on our own for league races with the equal cars settings. Practising on your own isn't possible right now, because the online practice sessions don't have the same grip as during qualifying and the race, while grand prix mode doesn't have the same performance of the cars as the equal settings in online. 
    4. Please make the online cars with 'equal cars settings' also be actually equal to eachother. It has now been the case for many years that despite the 'equal cars' settings the cars are still very different from eachother, some cars have better traction, other cars are better mid-corner for example. 
  • FRACTUREDFRACTURED Member, Drivers Champion
    WRT Loot Boxes, here's a funny one someone had been discussing with the PUBG Devs.

    They have an item within a crate that has a 0.0128% hit rate. Statistically speaking...

    If I open approximately 7812 crates, I'll probably get one.
    Assuming I can open 4 crates a week, we're looking at approximately 37.5 years of opening crates.


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  • ilikefastilikefast Member Wheel Nut
    dedicated servers would be great for AOR. the amount of lag issues are rediculous.
  • LilBrown47LilBrown47 Member Petrol Head
    edited April 12
    ilikefast said:
    dedicated servers would be great for AOR. the amount of lag issues are rediculous.
    Or at least a ping lock function, which limits the maximum ping to 90ms for example.

    This would get rid of many "lagfestivals" once and for all.


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  • thombrouwer90thombrouwer90 Member Co-Driver
    I took the survey and liked the creative idea’s you guys are having. Keep it going! :)
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  • LilBrown47LilBrown47 Member Petrol Head
    edited April 12

    I'd like to ask whether or not we will have the option to turn off the tyres in cockpit mode for F1 2018, they are obstructive and make it too hard to see the white lines or kerbs or opponents. (/s)


    Real Talk: 

    Please for the sake of realism do not make the Halo invisible.

    Better try to give us:

    -more options and parameters to play around with in the camera settings (so that we can adjust the camera more freely and make the factor of visibility become null)

    -a much better "look to apex" function (so that we can drive in cockpit mode without having to buy a VR headset or TOBI device, and most importantly to get a more natural feel to it)

    -a helmet cam (so that we can have more realism, visor tear offs and customizable visor tints could also become a thing this way seeing as your survey did include dlc accessories etc.)

    -full VR support (so that we can jump right into it and have the most realistic experience of all, seriously, try VR once and you will never want to go back to normal racing anymore).

    Etc. Etc. Etc.

    There are infinitely better solutions out there to make the experience in cockpit mode much more enjoyable, but turning off the Halo will only harm "officiality", especially as we are talking about a "officially licenced F1 product" after all, aren't we.....?!

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  • odeepaanhodeepaanh Member New Car Smell
    DLC is fine if it's priced well, the content is fair, and it's thought of after release, not on release
  • DouckzeDouckze Member New Car Smell
    I am wondering what the new features will be
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