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Dirt Rally Doesn't see any of my devices.

EphdupEphdup Member New Car Smell
So all of a sudden I have been unable to play dirt rally with my peripherals on PC. I currently have occulus rift and have been enjoying many months of playing Dirt rally with fanatec pedals and OSW direct drive wheel.  Then all of a sudden I go to play and none of any of my peripherals are working.  Not the button box, pedals, shifter, or wheel.  I have verified that these items work in other sims.  Can somebody please help me.  Has anybody else ran into this problem while using the oculus.  Or has there been a new steam update.  


  • EphdupEphdup Member New Car Smell
    Here a little update, Nothing has changed, and I still can't get any of my devices to work with dirt rally anymore. 
  • LoryxLoryx Member New Car Smell
    same as with F1 2018. No any devices is recognized.
    But I'm able to play with DR.

  • baulchennbaulchenn Member New Car Smell
    have the same issue now, is there any solution available?

  • baulchennbaulchenn Member New Car Smell
    solved, after several attempts the next day Racenet and recogizition of devices was ok again
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