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No VR no deal

Codies, please remember, no VR, no deal.


  • Cubemaster465Cubemaster465 Member New Car Smell
    They aren't going to put in VR just because you're not going to buy it if it hasn't VR.
  • DrinkingCurlyDrinkingCurly Member New Car Smell
    Been playing around with Vorpx today and got F1 2018 working in basic VR. Have done a guide on how to get it working, still tweaking settings

  • scottishwildcatscottishwildcat Member, Drivers Champion
    Codies, please remember, no VR, no deal.
    I'm sure they'll really miss those 10 extra sales.
    Braked: the past tense of brake.
    Broke, brokenanything within reach when I hear racing gamers say 'broke' instead of 'braked'.
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