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How much assists slow you down?

Has codemasters released ever any actual info about how much each assists slow down the car? 
Traction control

Medium 3% straight speed
High 5% straight speed...etc

I'm driving without assists but sometimes in bad weather i feel like traction control/abs could help and I'm curious to know how much these affect the performance.

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  • ChironTheseusChironTheseus Member Co-Driver
    Accepted Answer
    Assists are always slower unless you are struggling without assists in certain circumstances like you stated , wet weather or slippery street circuit even.
    If you are good with racing you will gain in all areas including gear shift control.
    I've never seen any detailed information on what % the penalties are but they change every time someone complains so its hard to judge but you can get a rough idea by simply doing a time trial. Find a circuit you are most well versed in and race assist and no assist. Do your best in both situations and compare the times. You can gain as much as several seconds per lap from full assist to no assist dependent on circuit and skill level. Also using a good quality wheel and pedals are head and shoulders above a controller. Though its worth noting as Codies promised, they were working on bettering the controller responsiveness and, though it doesn't compare to a wheel, you can tell the difference if you go straight from 2017 to 2018. It is much more smooth to turn/control. But it helps the feel of the car is improved too.
    The assists/lack of and how fast you are personally is all down to you your equipment and practice. It all adds up (Probably why there is not solid info on this).
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  • JR6492JR6492 Member Wheel Nut
    Think only full TC slows you down really.

    medium TC seems to be quicker as does abs 
  • MrCosta96MrCosta96 Member Wheel Nut
    I would says medium TC is about 3-5 tenths slower in the dry than no TC. In the wet, not sure.
  • stephensmattleestephensmattlee Member Race Steward
    Nothing like F1 2013. That game was brutal if you used the assists where they slowed you down that much ;)  
  • TurtlemooseTurtlemoose Member Pit Crew
    just from playing around with different settings in Time Trial - the quickest combination is definately medium TC with ABS on.

    Around Monaco I found that medium TC over full TC was worth about 0.7 seconds a lap for me.

    ABS more difficult to judge as hitting that perfect lap without locking your breaks can be tricky so knowing your outright time is unknown I'd say.
  • Aquila0302Aquila0302 Member New Car Smell
    If you take a look at the leaderboards in time trial (PC) you will notice that most of the Top guys use no assist. I personally think that if you do a perfect lap with no assist you will be a few tenths quicker than with a perfect lap driven with MTC/ABS
  • FRACTUREDFRACTURED Member, Drivers Champion
    Some will turn everything off in time trial for the best times outright. You just restart lap if you make a mistake.

    But in a race, even though the overall pace is fine with no assists, because fewer mistakes will be made with... manual pit entry/exit/manual pit release/full ABS/Medium traction control...why not just run that and have an overall better race time with fewer mistakes.

    Even if it does make you a lesser person.

    (J/K, I keeeeed, I keeeeeeeeed)

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  • ArthurRayArthurRay Member Unleaded
    The only assist I have found that makes me faster is ABS on low. I could be faster without it if my trail braking wasn't as bad as Palmer's. Yeah I know bad joke.

    At least it males it easier not to plow into 4 or 5 other cars on the hairpin turns.
  • Uday9479Uday9479 Member Unleaded
    I remember trying No ABS in the F1 2017 in TT. I could sense the cars turned faster into a turn whereas with ABS the car was a little slower to react turning into the corner. So even though I assumed no ABS is faster for corner entry, I've always used ABS as without ABS I always ended up locking my wheels & just got me slower.
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