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Very good Setups for Multiplayer & League Racing / Career / TT

VPMcGradyVPMcGrady Member New Car Smell
Hey guys,

I'm just starting with some Youtube Videos showing Hotlaps and Setups and when League Racing starts also Highlight Videos.
Regarding Setups, I tested mine in all game modes and they work fine for me, I'm usually around Top 20 in TT and my Multiplayer race pace looks promising as well.
Check out my channel and just change Ballast -1 for Multiplayer & Career, Diff with Gas always 50% and if you feel it's still to unstable you can just lower the front wing -1 and/or add the red wing +1. 
I'm running no assists as well, so they should work for everyone I guess. 

Thanks for your support and if you want any tests or have any questions feel free to ask :smile:


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