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DiRT Rally 2.0 Road Book – 28/09/18 | Codemasters Blog

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imageDiRT Rally 2.0 Road Book – 28/09/18 | Codemasters Blog

Before we get into the very first Road Book for DiRT Rally 2.0, we want to say thank you to everyone who has supported us over the last few months, gossiped on forums, watched the trailer this week, and have just generally been wonderful and excited about what’s to come from Team DiRT. It genuinely means the world to us – DiRT Rally 2.0 is a labour of love for all of us, and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it in February. You’ve made us all a very happy bunch – just check out our happy faces! This one’s for you.

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  • ArfmanArfman Member New Car Smell
    Yes, but what about VR support? Please tell us.
  • minaiteminaite Member New Car Smell
    Is Paul with you? Not many of us believe you can do this without him after that D4 bs...
     Less brakes more speed!!! 
  • Jwill142Jwill142 Member New Car Smell
    I really hope they plan on adding VR support to this game. Most racing sim enthusiasts are moving toward VR. I have never gone back to my triple monitor set up since I bought my Oculus. I have been on many forums regarding Dirt Rally 2.0 not suporting VR and forums are blowing up with the NO VR/NO BUY posts. Simply no excuse in 2019 to not offer VR support. I stopped buying the F1 series due to the lack of it. I will not buy Dirt Rally 2.0 until  VR support is added. I will then buy 5 copies for all my  oculus sim rigs. My entire family plays dirt rally. please I beg you Codemaster . please dont make the release a failure because of no VR support. I would gladly chip in to a go fund me or other funding programs to make sure VR is included. 
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