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DiRT Rally 2.0 Road Book – recording co-driver calls | Codemasters Blog

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imageDiRT Rally 2.0 Road Book – recording co-driver calls | Codemasters Blog

Co-driver calls are one of the most critical components of a rally game. With no mini-map, no sat nav, and no other way of knowing what lies behind the next corner, accurate and timely co-driver calls are crucial to making sure you and your car make it through a stage in one piece.

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  • kellemannkellemann Member Unleaded
    Trying to get max imersion but leaving out vr is so stupid
  • cleobiscleobis Member New Car Smell
    All this work is very interesting, it really is, but without VR it's of no use.  #NoVRNoBuy
  • AIPacinoAIPacino Member Wheel Nut
    Would be great to have Nicky Grist's pacenotes as well, and maybe more codrivers. Think about a DLC pack for it.
  • Jwill142Jwill142 Member New Car Smell
    I was so happy to see Dirt Rally 2.0 was coming out, that was until I found out that VR wasn't included. I havent found many SIM enthusiasts who are gonna buy this without VR support. I will just continue to play Dirt Rally 1. You know, the one with VR support. Raceroom race experience, both project cars games, asseta Corsa , and asseta corsa competizione all have VR support and I doubt they have the resources that codemasters has.Those who think that the core game will be hurt due to resources allocated for VR are wrong. The VR experience during game development will improve the physics.The testing perspective in VR is much more realistic than staring at a 2D monitor. I believe a better more realistic game would prevail in the end. I would gladly pay an additional fee for the VR version.  Codemasters please consider these requests that are dominating every forum I've seen. VR SUPPORT WILL be critical to the success of this release.
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