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Throttle peddle is reversed

CNCfanCNCfan Member New Car Smell
I am running Windows 10.  And Logitech G920 setup. When I set up Dirt4 and go to the option to test the peddles the throttle is on full 100%.  Clutch and brake work as they should.  ie: when I start race the throttle is on 100%, if I press on throttle peddle the rpm drop.   

Does this program have a setting to reverse the action of the peddles?  I have looked and do not see it.   
I do not have this problem in other driving simulators. 


  • Golabek168Golabek168 Member New Car Smell
    I have the same issue. You are not alone, and many posts already exist like yours.

  • CNCfanCNCfan Member New Car Smell
    Hard to believe that Codemasters do not know of the problem or cannot recreate it.   Since a number of people have had this problem with what seems no response from Codemasters I can only assume one of the following.

    1. Codemasters does not care.
    2. Codemasters does not employ anyone smart enough to fix it.
    3. Codemasters thinks it is caused by some other software. (ie. Win10,7  etc)

    I have throttle problems with Dirt 4 and Dirt Rally.  I was stupid enough to buy Dirt Rally thinking it was only a problem with Dirt 4.  Stupid me, I was dreaming. 

    I do not have this problem with Project CARS 2, RaceRoom, Assetto Corsa or Fronza.  Since my equipment works with the preceding games I'm thinking it's a Codemasters problem, just sad they will not admit it much less fix it.

    Color me an ex Codemasters software user. 
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