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f1 2018

From Uruguay I write I have a question from f1 2018 to codemasters from the first patches that took from f1 2018 to the date they go for the 1.9 in professional career it continues happening that in the exit of the box the cars collide and they are all colliding one to the others there is a jump of image when you save a game and the loads the time that you did you lower it in 20 seconds there are turns in less than a second in a complete turn when you pass from one season to another in the central of the pilot there is audio and the black screen at the beginning of the season the stories is not like the beginning of a new season is like a race more in the presentation of the circuit are no longer the points of elevation of the circuit that last year was the truth that I find it hard to believe game that there are months to develop it have so many errors and are taking update followed by not having tested the game well with hours and hours in its headquarters have the official license of the f1 per or the game I think that is not up to date has new features compared to last year as interview classic cars the sound of cars was improved the designs too but in this installment of f1 2018 I thought it would be superior example the circuits make them new the environment from outside the track as the spectators regulations of the f1 examples in this game only shown black flag yellow flag blue flag you have to make it more realistic to the game and devote more time in development I think you would have to listen more to all the communities you are developers of the game but keep in mind that most people who buy the game are people that Sunday after Sunday see formula one and they could make the game more realistic on the platform that I play ps4 I do not know if all these errors has this game will be solved and that in a patch solve most errors and do not remove a patch every 7 days or more Thanks


  • GeorgeParaskevoGeorgeParaskevo Member New Car Smell
    I think that mercedes car has a wrong colour in the game,this is not so silver
  • robin2610robin2610 Member New Car Smell
    Hello there,

    i just bought F1 2018 yesterday. But when I try to run the screen black out with message texture allocation failure. Pls help GPUs is 1050ti with I Core 5 8gb Ram

    appreicate lit for help

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