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  • RhinoCharging00
    Rachel, I've been unable to have my comments seen by anyone for a week now.

    I've messaged Satine, and Jenny twice... and heard nothing from either.

    I think it's really bad that I got no heads up from the forum about this.

    Had another forum member not realized something was up and contacted me I'd have continued to post away oblivious to the fact nobody could see it.

    I left several lengthy and detailed comments to help other members and it was a waste of time.

    I have been reported for spam by some members, but surely any infractions or temporary ban should have been prefaced by a message informing me.
    To have had no warning and to have received no reply from two separate Codemasters employees is not very professional.

    I have been a Codemasters fan since late childhood, and I'm 40, and I have bought almost every F1 games since you started making them, including this year.

    I hope you read this and can help.

    Thank you.
    November 6
  • rockey1
    CmRachel, hi and thanks for all you help with my issues.
    I figured it out!...what my keyboard was going dead.
    In my setup for my Momo Racing wheel, I had it as the mail controller, no keyboard clicked so just one checkmark beside my Momo racing wheel, no other check marks. I did what you requested and I used just the keyboard, that worked to get out of the videos. Then I plugged in my momo racing wheel, and it was all messed up, I went into edit set up my keys and tried it again. Everything suddenly works. I went into setup and I see that I have "keyboard" checked and my wheel checked. Strange but it all works good now, I just hit the enter key to forward throught the videos, AND,,, when playing I can now use the forward and rewind and those keys.
    Thanks for all your help, it wasen't easy and drove me bonkers but I finally figured it out.
    October 27
  • emiack76
    Is Codemasters going to respond about the change to medium traction control that has ruined the game for many? 
    October 18
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    October 17
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    Getting this far requires gumption, something you have in spades.
    October 16