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  • crhy
    PS4 multiplayer section is not working... some drives with level 00 and others with the level the host is set. Getting drivethrough in the middle of the race cuz a jumpstart. Many connection problems to the multiplayer championship. Its really not playable. Theres more errors on 2017 than there was on 2016... and 2016 was bad.
    September 15
  • Hermann262
    Hello there,

    I have a saving issue in which no progress is being saved, I am also getting kicked from multiplayer for cheating.
    Never touched the files, reinstalled once, no overclocking.

    September 22
  • Moo123
    Hello, I'm having problem with graphics everytime I do alt+tab. It happens in online or singleplayer, doesn't matter.
    September 18
    • Moo123
      graphics bug: https://gyazo.com/b98ef70a4b9c08ae1d2f3083812c54a5
    • Moo123
      graphics bug: https://gyazo.com/b98ef70a4b9c08ae1d2f3083812c54a5
  • Viner86
    Hey since the latest update my online championship has a problem with AI difficulty, no mater what I set it too or what my brother sets it too when racing they are super easy. This is ruining our championship, is anything underway to sort this ?
    September 17
  • Joerg64
    Hi, I just bought the Logitech 920 to play F1 on my PC. The wheel works perfectly fine when i test it in the logitech gaming software but F1 2017 just doesn't recognize the wheel. I already tried to reinstall the driver from logitech and everything but it just doesn't seem to work. Is there a solution that I don't know of?
    September 16
  • diskdusk
    So, I guess since 1.5 rolled out I have a new problem. As soon as I start any race, all the sounds go away with a little *plop* - just the radio voice keeps on talking. No engine sounds, nothing. It worked until two days ago, my girlfriend and I really loved playing this game, now it's broken.

    I connected my headphones and could hear everything again. When I disconnected them, my TV (that I use as screen and sound output, connected via HDMI) also played the audio. But within a minute the sound was gone again. Please help me enjoy this game again like I did when it was 1.4 or earlier...
    September 2
    • F1Support
      Can you make a thread in the Technical Assistance forum please. Make sure you tell me which platform you're playing on too.
    • crhy
      PS4 multiplayer section is not working... some drives with level 00 and others with the level the host is set. Getting drivethrough in the middle of the race cuz a jumpstart. Many connection problems to the multiplayer championship. Its really not playable.
  • Safomatetor

    I keep getting a crash after finish a race in season 2 in hungaroring. This is the first and persistent crash i'm getting, finished the first season of the carrer mode flawless.
    Finished a 50% race in second, after that i tried 3 times to simulate the race and the game keep crashing.

    Here in my dump file
    September 15
  • Fortharth
    I just bought the game and I found out that I am unable to invert the axis.
    I have Logitech MOMO racing wheel and I need to invert the brake axis.
    I also  dont really understand why it is not available to switch in setting.
    I alredy tried to switch it in the actionmaps folder like in F1 2016 but it was even worse.
    Please help I just paid a lot of money for this game and I dont wanna give up on it just because of something so simple like inverted axis.

    September 14
  • Jockspotter123
    On career mode with Mercedes, PS4, and I go to upgrade the major development of the barge boards. I started the development and when I checked back on it it said 'purchased' but with '25467543564 weeks' as the development time!! Is there any way of fixing this or do I need to restart my career? Thx for help. 
    September 14
  • Mystery82b
    I and thousands of other players have the same problem. The game is not saved. I have already described the problem.
    Under: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/57234/game-not-saved/p1?new=1

    September 14
  • Victorqn
    Th8a shifter not working on PS4. It doesn't recognise via USB cable. What do I have to do to make the shifter work properly?

    thank you.
    September 13
  • SteweyLittle281
    Have had a few minor things that I've ignored but just had a big one...
    Currently doing the Classic Street Series. I have done four races and despite only winning three races the driver in 1st has 112 points... 12 more than what is possibly if they won all four races... and I was also overtaken by a driver in the standings who finished 4 places behind me in the last race...

    Other bugs:
    Jeff asks me to "repeat that" despite the fact I haven't said anything, and my microphone is on mute. This happens in all game modes

    I think thats all I've had, but the points system is really annoying... 

    September 13
  • Dazza2910
    Since the most recent update, the graphics on the wheels look wrong.  I can see through the wheel/brakes and it shows track.  Also the coloured bands round the tyres don't look quite right anymore.  Hopefully it shows up in the pictures......

    If you watch the intro to the game, the music stutters quite badly too.

    Wasn't an issue before the update.

    September 12
  • drumstar7190
    Thrustmaster manual gear shifter not working properly with classic cars with manual clutch gearbox. Will go in reverse then hangs and won't go anywhere else, sometimes goes to neutral but doesn't function properly at all. I'm on a PS4 setup with thrustmaster products. When I tested the shifter in Assetto Corsa everything works fine, so I think the shifter is okay.
    Please let me know what you think; I would really like to be able to use these classic cars the way they're supposed to be played. Thanks.

    September 10
  • GDSloan
    do the updates load automatically. If not where are they?

    September 9
  • Sanjeeva
    Does the Mclaren-Honda first engine upgrade always fail? I've tried it many times and it fails on every occasion. I've also purchased two reliability upgrades.
    Also, is there anyway to purchase upgrades before accepting an invitational event without being promoted to the next race weekend.
    Thanks in advance.
    September 9
  • PS4Bert
    Just bought F1 2017 for PS4 together with a Logitech G29 and installed it. For some reason every time I start the game the car turns left and ther is nothing I can do about it.

    who can help me with this?
    September 9
    • PS4Bert
      Sorry, new at this. I re-posted the question in the right place.
  • pover74
    I am having issues with the  fanatec  csl elite fan np feeling in corners.  Tried  saturation  steering lienarty and still the same no matter what I do no difference  and it's  on the ps4 on f1 2017 
    September 8
  • JDMs15
    plz check my discussions
    September 8
  • theblacknight04
    Ive added a new post on the thread if you coudl look into the Camera bug. it appears its only happening on a 48:10 triple screen setup. Dont know if its the bezel corrected custom resolution or the aspect ratio, but this needs fixing asap please. 

    September 7
  • lewisF1Xb
    MP4/4 dlc 
    I’ve purchased the special edition F1 2017 last Wednesday. After installing the game I redeemed the code for the mp4/4 that came with the game, but it says car unavailable in game.
     I have uninstalled the game twice and reinstalled it, also I have uninstalled the mp4/4 a few times then reinstalled it but it still says “car unavailable” when I try to choose it in game. 
    I even transferred them to an external hard drive but that didn’t help either. 
    I just get the message...
     “this car is only available as part of the 1988 Mclaren MP4/4 Classic Car downloadable content” 
    can anyone help please? 
    September 4
    • Maznat87
      If on PS4 go to settings and click on restore licenses. That should work
    • lewisF1Xb
      No it’s on Xbox one. Still can’t use the mp4/4 because it still says unavailable.
  • Maznat87
    Please help..
    I have a PS4 and using a controller.
    i cannot turn full lock. Sometimes it works perfectly then all of a sudden I only get 60-80% input. 
    Ive tried changing controllers but still the same thing happens.
    How do I fix this?
    September 7
  • TSuperRacer22
    I have tried the classic championship, I normally race at 95-100 difficulty in the game and even turning the difficulty down to 72 in this mode I cannot even near compete in a car such as the 2006 Renualt.
    There is no option in the championship or classic modes to balance cars or even choose which cars you can compete against. It seems you have to be in a Ferrari F2004 to even have a shot in this mode. The classic championship feels more like the F2004 championship. It needs an option for either equalling the field like what they do online or choosing which cars are in your championship. The same for indivdual races, in stand alone race you can choose to race against same spec but thats pretty boring as its all the same model car

    September 7
  • SimHou77
    I (and a few others) have an issue with the Thrustmaster TX Leather edition wheel and the PC version - the buttons on the wheel do not correspond with what is on the screen - if you go into the wheel setup in the F1 2017 settings and try to bind a different button you press the X button and it thinks you have pressed a different button - none of the buttons match up.
    In the race you get a puncture and it says to press a particular button to accept a strategy and you press it and it doesn't work as it thinks you pressed a different button - Please can this be resolved? Thanks
    September 5
  • 2728f50

    help required...I have a Thrustmaster t300 Ferrari GT wheel and Pedal set on PS4 had problems from day one, initially F1 2017 not recognising the connection, after a few reboots hardware showed up and worked, turn off ps4 and later turned on, would not recognise connection again, went through disconnecting, reconnecting and reboooting and finally worked again...same problem today on restart...am i the only one with this issue in F1 2017, I also have a logitech 29 same issues only ps4 controllers available? HELP! I hav e also tried differeny consoles and am now out of ideas! 
    September 4
  • jimmz
    I need support as soon as possible ! After update to 1.6... i opened the game it crashed to windows. My gaminglaptop shutdown and now it wont start up anymore !! My laptop is not booting ! HELP NOW !!! 
    September 4
  • Malteser1
    https://puu.sh/xrk2W.zip please check my crash dump out
    September 4
  • tomyum
    Hello @F1SUPPORT
    Ever since I bought the game on pc I have been experiencing a terrible amount of stuttering even on high fps, low video settings etc. Will we see a patch for this or is this a hardware error? It really puts me down when doing qualifying laps, battling in the races. Especially the fact that it lags so much during my league races.

    Secondly, the same issue from F1 2016 still hasn't been fixed for 50%+ races at the second last lap it says you have to pit and select a tyre, even though using all tyre compounds available it still happens.

    It's ridiculous now a number of errors and bugs you have released this game with.
    September 4
  • F1Support earned the 100 Comments badge.
    Getting this far requires gumption, something you have in spades.
    September 4
  • Claarity
    I have an issue where the Career mode will crash when attempting to load the driver hub after the Spanish GP. The game appears to be loading normally but will crash to the desktop with no error messages or other useful information.
    This is on PC version 1.5. Crash dump https://www.dropbox.com/s/8pf17zocesdbfby/crash_dump%2376561198059753218.zip?dl=0 
    September 4