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  • emiack76

    Any response to the medium traction control re balance as it’s now terrible?

    October 30
      How ignorant! You've asked them four times and still no answer. Not much "support" going on.
    • RhinoCharging00
      I would love to know when the "support" happens ?
  • callumj13
    I am still getting grid penalties for my gearbox although I have used it for more than 6 races 
    November 13
  • Danielzet
    I´m one of the guys who is struggling with the career-crash bug.
    I´m playing F12017 (1.10) with my PS4. I was in 2nd season driving for Ferrari (never chenged the team) and after the race in Barcelona the game crashed while loading the driver hub scene. Rebooting the system doesn´t help.

    Is there any workaround for this bug?
    I exported the saved career mode file - just in case you need it for fixing - I could send it proberly to you if you needed it :.-)
    November 13
  • Ducky15
    Good evening, F1Support

    Just a little heads up, I found that uninstalling RivaTuner Statistics Server (a component of MSI Afterburner, an overclocking tool) fixed the ".exe crash on startup" issue for me.

    i7 4790k
    8gb DDR3
    Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB (driver version 388.13, latest as of this date)
    Win7 64 bit version 6.1 (build 7601, Service Pack 1)
    November 10
  • ShelbyUSA

    Need to fix, gents. 
    November 3
  • MohsenREZAEI
    Hi, and how are you mate ?
    last day F1 2017 updates 1.10 realease
    for 5 times i sent mailes about Sebastian Vettel's gloves during color mistake
    in the game even after last update Seb Vette's gloves are red, while Vette's real gloves since first race until right now are BLACK!
    secondly WILLIAMS MARTINI car have a red color line on the car , while in your game dosen't have this red line color 
    if you can transport this fact about game to codemasters design team, please do it, cause this fact in the game for Seastian VETTELs fans is very very important 

    November 2
  • adrianogmaia
    I bought the game F1 2017 Pc from Steam. During the gameplay after downloading the session, be it free practice, qualification or running the game hangs and leaves. is happening many times.
    My Settings:
    Windows 10 pro, i5 processor, GeForce GT 740M, 64-bit video card. I do not know what to do because it is getting very annoying to play. This error happens too much in career mode. My email: adrianomaia1984@hotmail.com
    Thank you for your attention and please help me !!!
    October 31
  • philcourth
    Hi . my game crash often , the is the dump files ,I copied the dump files but to whom should I send them?
    October 8
    • kokmeng
      Same here.. Vry frustrated with it..
  • emiack76
    Good morning. 

    The patch notes regards patch 1.10 have no information regards to Medium Traction Control. 

    Could you please confirm if anything is going to be changed pre patch 1.9?

    Just announce if nothing is going to change or it’s being looked into something. 

    No communication is putting fans off. 
    October 27
  • emiack76
    Hello again, 

    Is the medium traction control being addressed after patch 1.9? 

    Will it remain the same?

    I feel it’s a simple question to answer surely?

    Its completely bewildering why there is no response from a supposed support team. 
    October 24
  • emiack76
    I’m asking again is the medium TC after the patch 1.9 being addressed at all.? 

    Is there any consideration to revert it back to pre patch 1.9 or is this the final version? 
    October 23
  • MaxSpiltz

    Since I have updated the game to the 1.9 PC version, I do have some random crashes on my Career mode, but not on every race for some reason... Basically the screen will suddenly freeze and the game will close, it happened in a race of China multiples times, and during practice session in Bahrain. I send you the crashlog file from Steam : https://www.sendspace.com/file/4u0qu7
    Thanks in advance for your help.
    October 16
    • RobbyProto
      I'm having the same issue. Haven't been able to get passed FP1 on Hungaroring -_-
  • emiack76
    Is anybody going to respond from Codemasters to the change on medium traction control that has ruined the game for many. Some kind of communication to the community isn’t much to ask.? 
    October 18
  • KeithRansom


    I am having the issue no  HUD  whatsoever, no lap times, telemetry, map, or progress bars for test programs.
     I am running Xbox one version 1.9.
    October 17
  • jojoM
    Hey, when I try to start F1 2017 via Steam, it wont start. An error message appears, telling me i have not enough disk space aviable on my C: disk. However, neither the game itself nor anything related to it is located on the C. disk. Is there any possibility to fix this problem?. I am not able to free any more disk space.
    October 15
  • Mathis093
    Hi . I doan`t have any voice controll, so i can`t use the voice controll in german. You must know, I speak German and therefore I would like a German voice. But with me only the English pack.
    My question I can download the VDF Pack and the MSI installer somewhere manually.
    I hope you can help me.
    October 15
  • IceTub3
    Hey, can you please help me?
    October 5
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    October 5
  • crhy
    PS4 multiplayer section is not working... some drives with level 00 and others with the level the host is set. Getting drivethrough in the middle of the race cuz a jumpstart. Many connection problems to the multiplayer championship. Its really not playable. Theres more errors on 2017 than there was on 2016... and 2016 was bad.
    September 15