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TrueRacerMic Wheel Nut

Ok i have done one. What hour on the 30th?


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  • RICKWR88
    Hello Michael. I just made you moderator of your section on the forum so only you can edit or post new thread in your section.
    When you ll have a moment go on the forum and try it to make sure everything is working OK.
    March 12
  • RICKWR88
    Hey Michael. I just saw that you ask me to join my league on february 8 and I did not answer. sorry mate I miss that post. But now I know that you have your own league. I will let you know my schedule anyway so if something interest you let me know.
    Division 1: Thursday 8 PM east
    Divison 2: Tuesday 8 PM east
    Division 3: Wednesday 6 PM east
    this is our forum if you want to know more: http://afrl.boards.net/board/3/formula-1

    Sorry again for not answering to your question..
    March 8
  • RICKWR88
    Hello Mic. I am Rick. I Started another league 1 month ago  for American drivers. I am not part of PSGL anymore so if you are from Canada, USA or any other country in the South America you are welcome to join us athttp://afrl.boards.net/board/3/formula-1

    We having 1 league mid season right now. the second league, Division 2 start on March 14 with corner cutting set to normal. The Division 1 next season will start on April 20 with corner cutting set to Strict.

    Let me know if you want in or go and register on our forum.
    February 9
    • TrueRacerMic
      I am not from America but I am interested in joining either Division 1 or 2 . I will see tho maybe I won't be able to. Thanks for the reply tho
    • RICKWR88
      Hello mate. There been some recent development in my league. Since there was a need for this, I decide to start a league for the people outside of America. People who have a awkward schedule. In one month or so, Our new league ROW will start. It will be every Wednesday night at 6 PM Eastern time so 11 PM UK time. If this is something that can interest you go on our forum and fill up the sign up thread.
    • TrueRacerMic
      Yeh there is no way I will attend that. It's going to be 1am in the morning here and next day I have school. Impossible mate sorry. I am interested in leagues that are Sundays 4PM UK time or earlier. Other that that Day I have leagues so yeh only Sundays if you have anything