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UP100 Race Steward

I'm now a race steward apparently. Can we host a party now?


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  • I'm now a race steward apparently. Can we host a party now?
    June 20
  • UP100 was promoted to Race Steward.
    June 20
  • Another update: I'm checking this place more often once again. I'm currently getting spammed by the Beta post, hahahah. 40 notifications in a single day is a bit much.
    May 31
  • senna94f1
    So up 100 you were the one who was constantly stirring things up when ever I made any comments. So are you in charge of deciding because I hope not
    May 30
    • UP100
      (Sorry Faya if you somehow find yourself here... I kept the promise for way too little time. I just have to clear this up for people who for some reason would be here like the Driver74)

      1. Constantly means that I couple of times stated my opinion like any other member. It only kept going as I was receiving replies which had arguments in them.
      2. I don't know anything about being charge of deciding.
      3. You seem to hold a grudge while I barely remember you. I didn't even remember you before I had sent my first message of this day.
      Now it's set clear. Let's end this.
  • Driver74
    Thats a big joke. I'm the league owner of the biggest and fastest german league.  
    Since 2010 i play F1 like a Junkie.
    Last beta and after, i write some message's to help.
    You send the beta codes to guys, who play the game only 1 hour per week and never write something in the forum. I cant understand your behaviour.
    Real fans who want play the beta to develop, who have the best and strongest league with YouTube account and a league stream (like me) get no code and guys who play f1 for 1 hour per week, get the Code. 

    May 30
    • UP100
      Nice to see you're still with us after 8 years!

      Anyways I think you meant to contact one of the Codemasters employees, not me.
  • UP100 was promoted to Co-Driver.
    May 25
  • Just dropping some message here no one will see. I'll use less time here and more time at the new F1 research forums for now at least. I will still try to keep my eyes here if I have something to say about something.
    May 7