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  • Smoothstud
    How do I upload pictures Faya?
    November 19
    • Faya
      Hey Smoothstud, You will need to upload the images to a different site, like an image hosting site, and then link the URL in the post. Hope that helps!
  • Barrikada71
    Que usted me de una segunda advertencia por opinar no lo entiendo pero que usted no de advertencia a Turttlemoose que no para de acosarme es muy triste y Codemasters sera informado de su actitud ya que usted me está tratando de forma marginal.
    November 1
    • Faya
      Hi there,

      Myself and other moderators will discuss warnings and moderation decisions or disciplinary actions taken against members on the forums. What is discussed is between us and us alone.

      Remember, I’ve requested that you place people that you cannot get along with on your ignore list. Go to their profile page, click on the head shaped button in the top right and click “Ignore” on the drop down list. Do not engage with them any further. Do not worry about others actions, worry about your own. If you see someone breaking the rules, use the report function. Thanks,
    • Faya
      *will not discuss warnings and moderation decisions or disciplinary actions taken against members on the forums.- apologies for the missing word
  • Smoothstud

    Hi Faya.

    I was wondering if there was a patch etc coming out for when you do automatic pit stops....when you come out of the pitlane on certain tracks....the car automatically goes fast and then as soon as the control comes back to the player....it is too late to break for the approaching corner?

    It isn't every track but atleast 2 or 3 tracks.

    I am on the Xbox one version and use a wheel and pedals incase you needed to know this.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    November 5
  • aladinfr
    bonjour Faya,
    Ewcuse moi d"avance mais depuis hier je ne parviens plus a jouer sans avoir une erreur : f1 2018 erreur de lecture de données. veuillez vérifier l’intégrité du cache du jeux.

    J'ai essayé  de désinstallé steam et f1 2018 mais sans succès.

    Comment envoyé les rapports de jeux et DX. merci.

    Hello Faya,
    Ewcuse me in advance but since yesterday I can not play any more without having an error: f1 2018 error reading data, please check the integrity of the game cache.

    I tried to uninstall steam and f1 2018 but without success.

    How to send game reports and DX. thank you.

    November 3
  • dfg15
    After 60hrs on this game on the Xbox One X I have noticed the following issues that seem to be the most prevalent and have also been bothering my league racers:

    1. UDP Telemetry seems sporadic and quite a lot of time does not work in online races

    2. The graphics have an 'atmospheric mist' which seems far too strong on the Xbox One X almost like fog at most races when its cloudy or overcast

    3. Replays still stutter as the cars are going round corners on all tracks, and now 'ghosting' of multiple rear wings have occurred in replays when the time of day is set to in the morning or late afternoon. (Good example Suzuka late afternoon cars going up the esses with the sunlight not only have a ghosting affect on rear wing but stutter at the top of the hill)

    4. AI Online seem to ignore you on the racing line at the end of long straights of 150mph+ and just ram you off in the braking zone 

    5. AI career mode the overall difficulty needs increased to stop bottom teams being able to easily break the top 10. We would suggest a 5% increase in the difficulty slider possibly 

    Many thanks for your continued support on the forum we would appreciate your team looking into this 
    October 18
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    October 12