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  • JZStudios said: BTW, his Climbkhana video where he drifts around a corner and hits a rock pile was his first attempt. Don't act like the dude doesn't have skill. It was his second attempt. In one of The Hoonigans DTT episodes they talked abo…
  • bogani said: There is a stream of one of the biggest Folkrace(poor mans rallycross) festivals in Sweden going on right now. Finals are about to begin! You collect points by position in heats compared to time in RX.  The main thing about Folkra…
  • MrDeap said: Didzis said: MrDeap said: In a simulator, if you drive wrong, it should lead to oversteer, not understeer. Why though? Like if you watch those rally crash videos, most of the crashes are because someone unders…
  • MrDeap said: In a simulator, if you drive wrong, it should lead to oversteer, not understeer. Why though? Like if you watch those rally crash videos, most of the crashes are because someone understeered and went off the track. Why would a s…
  • SamRWD said: I got high hopes for AC when I saw autogen stages engine results, but then Asetto Competizione gets relased and it won't support modding out of the box (engine change to UE4). I think I read in some interview that ACC devs wou…
  • MrDeap said: Didzis said: Arcades are made to be easy to drive and often don't have much to do with actual physics, while Simulators try to recreate the way a car drives in real life. How close they get is a different question.  N…
  • MrDeap said: euphoreon said: kheiro said: DiRTKiNG808 said: Ouch! Looks like an early PS3 remastered title. We are years into the next-gen consoles people. Use the tools provided. Kylotonn  (V-Rally 4) is slowly…
  • Are you using a wheel or pressing those numbers on a keyboard?
  • JuanDíaz said: Hi! i'm trying to save a glass.dds file for a skin using GIMP and I found it impossible. I have installed a dds plugin but I'm unable to know how to save the file properly. Any help will be welcomed. Thank you! When open…
  • Made another skin for DiRT Rally. Ken Block's Ford RS200  Download - https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ken-blocks-ford-rs200.21178/
  • Do you even need to use nefs edit for this? With skins you just have to recreate the folder structure without repackaging them as nefs. Isn't it the same with camera.xml?
  • Julo264 said: dwkGravey said: Julo264 said: I read this article and got a big **** in my mind. Until it gets to the DiRT Rally part, it's critical but somehow in small percentage, accurate. But then author starts writing about…
  • Porkhammer said: I find the profiler quite useless in fact. There are a couple of things for what it's useful. You can bind keyboard keys to your wheel (for instance, in Live for Speed some things are only on keyboard and can't be boun…
  • Also, there's nothing stopping you from using 270° on your 1080° wheel, but it doesn't work the other way so you can't impose some kind of minimal rotation limit, because most of the people don't have that option. Besides, at least for me, the sweet…
  • gk9147 said: not the opposite you did not understand i have t300RS th8a t3pa and 2 tss handbrake i wait update for handbrake for ps4 the money is not probleme for me You might not have a problem with money, but a lot of people do. I don'…
  • Your point is? 150€ is still a lot of money
  • gk9147 said: I do not go down the angle of rotation. so if you do not know how to slow down and turn it is your problem so stop complaining for nothing. and most of the steering wheel are at 1080 degrees so stop saying stupidity we talk about e…
  • A minor bug, or more like an error - Janis Baumanis's livery for the Ford Fiesta RX has an Austrian flag, it should be a Latvian flag
  • When you start the game and it tells you to press the 'start' button, if you press Enter on the keyboard, it will reset the steering wheel buttons. You have to press the 'start' button with your wheel (usually the same button as "Accept" in menus)
  • GRID 4 confirmed?